Updated Naxxramas Token Druid

Giordy updates his Legend Token Druid based on Ek0p's Token Druid (Cenarius Variant) with Week 4 cards!

This is an update to my previous deck list and guide – the Legend Token Druid. Read more about it here.

The Update

After Naxxramas’ 4th week, I decided it was about time to modify the deck and give it a new twist.

After Plague Quarter had been unlocked on week 2, several players ran variations of the token druid archetype. I’ll link 3 for users to view:

You will notice the decks are very similar to each other.

Now that Week 4 is here, we’ll be making an update to it. The most obvious addition is the undertaker!

ADAM THE AD already talked about a variant of my deck in an article of his: you can check it out here.

With the release of the Construct Quarter, there are great new additions to my version of Token Druid:

  • undertaker I subbed 2x argent-squire for 2x Undertaker; this guy gets buffed by Thalnos, Loot Hoarder and Harvest Golem, hence you can get a lot of value from him.
  • Haunted-Creeper these little fellas have creeped their way into my deck because they are so hard to kill: they are just perfect for a token deck.
  • Loatheb Since week 2 he’s been included in almost every existing deck. He has such good stats for 5 mana and an incredibly annoying ability, that can seriously mess up your enemies’ plans. I’m still unsure if it’s worth dropping azure-drake for him, though, since this deck benefits a lot from card draw.

Overall Changes to Previous Deck

  • -2x argent-squire
  • -1x loot-hoarder
  • -1x azure-drake
  • -1x cenarius
  • +2x undertaker
  • +2x haunted-creeper
  • +1x bloodmage-thalnos

I hope you guys like my newest version, be sure to let me know how you do with it. It’s definitely still Legend viable!