Upcoming School Teacher minion can teach spells to Nagalings in Hearthstone’s Voyage to the Sunken City expansion

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Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Arguably one of the most exciting parts of Hearthstone’s upcoming Voyage to the Sunken City is the introduction of the new minion type, Naga. One of the latest Naga minions coming in Voyage is an Epic neutral minion called School Teacher, which was revealed today.

School Teacher has one of the most unique effects seen so far for Voyage to the Sunken City. The card is a four-cost 5/4 Naga with a Battlecry that allows you to add a 1/1 Nagaling to your hand. Additionally, you can Discover a spell that costs three or less mana, then teach that spell to your Nagaling.

School Teacher
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In-game, the Nagaling is a one-cost 1/1 Battlecry minion. The Nagaling’s Battlecry causes it to cast whatever spell you teach it. If you Discover Arcane Intellect to teach the Nagaling with School Teacher’s Battlecry, for example, you will cast Arcane Intellect when you play the Nagaling. This applies to other spells you choose.

Even though School Teacher doesn’t make use of the Colossal or Dredge keywords, it still has one of the most unique effects of the upcoming expansion. It’s unclear how School Teacher can synergize with its fellow Naga minions when it undoubtedly finds its way to a Naga-themed archetype.

You can check out School Teacher and all of the minions coming with Voyage to the Sunken City when the expansion goes live April 12.