22 November 2017 - 20:29

The newest Paladin weapon in Kobolds and Catacombs is revealed

The maul has now been identified.
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A new Paladin weapon has been revealed as a card today in Hearthstone's upcoming Kobolds and Catacombs expansion.

Unidentified Maul is actually four weapons in one. At first it is an unknown quantity, but as soon as you draw the card the RNG kicks up and picks one of four effects to give to the weapon.

You will either give all your minions a divine shield. summon two Silver Hand Recruits, give all your minions taunt, or give your minions +1 attack.

Due to the randomness of this card, it may not see as much play in constructed decks because it is a very situation-dependent weapon. Also, the three mana 2/2 stats on the card aren't that strong, especially compared to a card like Rallying Blade that is also three mana but has 3/2 stats.

Though it may not be played much in constructed decks, this could be a good card in arena as it buffs your minions in three out of the four enchantments. It may not have been just a coincidence that Kripparrian revealed this card.

Kobolds and Catacombs will be released next month, but you can pre-order 50 packs now and get a special card back as well.

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