Twitch drops enabled for today’s Hearthstone Battlegrounds Brawl

Free packs coming your way.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Fans of Hearthstone Battlegrounds are in for a treat today on Twitch.

As part of the month-long Felfire Festival, Blizzard is hosting the Battlegrounds Brawl event today on Twitch. The event will see four teams of 16 players competing for their share of a $200,000 prize pool. And fans can earn a small prize without competing in the event.

As long as you have Twitch drops enabled, watching two hours of any Hearthstone stream today will net you a free Ashes of Outland card pack. Watching for a total of four hours will grant you another free Ashes of Outland card pack.

To enable drops, you’ll need to navigate to your Twitch settings. Once there, you can connect your and Twitch accounts under the connections tab.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Today’s Battlegrounds event is a who’s who of the Hearthstone streaming landscape. All of the competitors from today’s event are pictured above, except for Slysssa, who replaced Amaz on the Southsea Swashbucklers.

During the Battlegrounds Brawl, two games will be played simultaneously in each round. Points will be awarded at the end of each round to individual competitors based on their placement and added to their team’s total score. First place awards five points, second place grants four, third place gives out two, and fourth place awards one point.

Final placements and the distribution of prizing will be determined by each team’s total score after seven rounds. Each team’s total number of first-place finishes will be the primary tiebreaker. The first-place team will receive $20,000 per player. Second place will take home $12,500 per player, while third place will get $10,000 per competitor and fourth will earn $7,500 per member.

You can check out the Battlegrounds Brawl right now, but you can watch any stream with drops enabled to earn time toward your free packs. If Hearthstone Battlegrounds isn’t your thing, you can still earn some packs by watching good, old-fashion Hearthstone.