14 December 2017 - 15:21

Trump posts perfect run in Hearthstone Dungeon Run challenge

It's the first time a perfect run has been recorded on the new mode.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In the race for the $30,000 Twitch Dungeon Run Challenge, one of Hearthstone's biggest streamers has just posted the first recorded perfect score.

Jeffrey "Trump" Shih, one of the best known players in the game, streamed a successful full clear of the Dungeon Run Challenge last night without any losses.

The Challenge is simple—clear Hearthstone's new Dungeon Run mode with all nine classes in as few attempts as possible. Unlike Arena where you get three losses, Dungeon Run is less forgiving. Just one loss ends a run, and you have to start all over again.

In this $30,000 challenge, the top ten streamed full runs submitted by Sunday night will advance to a single class sudden death phase for the prize.

Previously the unofficial leaderboard on Reddit had the lowest score at 11, by four players including Jason "Amaz" Chan. Octavian "Kripparrian" Morosan has posted 12, with players on 13 also making the cut.

But last night, Trump destroyed those previous attempts by completing a perfect run.

Even though a lot of the Dungeon Run bosses aren't exactly hard, not slipping at all across all nine classes is pretty incredible. That's 72 total games of Hearthstone, and nine pretty unfair final bosses to take down.

Trump finished the run with Druid, building a pretty insane C'Thun deck. Not only did he clear this perfect run, he also managed to pull off a crazy triple C'Thun finish.

Using the treasure card Boots of Haste, which makes all your minions cost zero, Trump can slam three 26/26 C'Thuns at the same time. That's the kind of lethal you don't need to count. The game wouldn't even let him play the third C'Thun—it wasn't needed to finish the game.

Trump is now guaranteed a spot in phase two, while the rest of the chasing pack scramble to post a score good enough to make the top ten. At this point, even 13 or 12 is unlikely to be good enough.

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