Trolling the ladder with – Mill Rogue.

We have a short quick guide today on a fun and gimmicky deck that is quite a blast to play - the Mill Rogue!


The pleasure is mine to bring you guys a guide for the recently gone wild, the Mill Rogue deck. Ever since Gang Up was revealed the only deck that everyone thought that it’d be viable in was Mill rogue, since if you use Gang Up on Coldlight oracle you are pretty sure to draw your Ganged Up Coldlights really soon. The Mill rogue deck has a simple yet effective strategy.

  • Have more cards in your deck than your opponent.
  • Burn your opponents cards.
  • Kill them through fatigue due since you will always be fatiguing less than them.

Of course the only problem with a deck like this is the lack of consistency. Which makes it more of a fun and gimmicky deck than an actual competitive deck, that being said it’s always a good idea to sometimes take a break and just have fun.


The deck has a simple strategy that I like to call 3D:

Draw -> Delay -> Destroy


The core part of our strategy, It is important to have a decently sized hand in order to have an optimal play available at all times. Do not try to draw cards with Coldlight Oracles unless you are able to mill at least one card or you really need the draw. A mill deck doesn’t necessarily mean that all you do is make your opponent draw cards, You need to wait for the perfect opportunity to draw or make your opponent draw. Feeding your opponents cards is a bad idea.

Optimal Situations to use coldlight:

  • You can Mill your opponent.
  • Opponent has 7 or more cards.
  • You can get a combo the following turn with Gang Up and Shadowsteps


The second part of our game plan, delaying the game. This is done by the usage of Antique Healbots and Deathlords. These cards will do two things, They will delay the game by providing more health to yourself and speed up your opponents draw.

You need to let your opponent develop the board while not taking too much damage and setting up for a huge coldlight -> Vanish combo. You are required not to take a lot of damage in this phase. Play a lot of taunts. Clear high damage and dangerous minions but don’t kill everything since you need him to develop his board so that you can vanish it.


Now the most fun part, destroying your opponents board, cards and your opponent himself! Now that you are done drawing and delaying long enough it’s time to reap the joys of your gimmicks. Coldlight oracle into vanish will destroy any board your opponent might have.

Shadowsteping Coldlights will burn their cards and eventually fatigue will get them since the gang up in your deck will have put you ahead in deck size and they will fatigue before you and you can destroy them.


  • Coldlight oracle + shadowstep/ gang up – The bread and butter of this deck.
  • Coldlight oracle + vanish – Keep on makin’ em draw. Throw in a preparation for more efficient combo-ing.
  • deathlord + shadowstep – Heal up your deathlord or unsilence him.
  • antique-healbot + gang-up / shadowstep – Even more heal to make the aggro salty.
  • preparation + azure-drake + fan of knives – nothin’ better than good ole consecrate.


The deck is fairly cheap containing only 1 legendary and 2 epics, which can be replaced if you do not have them.

Preparation – This card can be replaced but sometimes it is just too good with the Vanishes in the deck other than that it doesn’t really do a whole lot. It is highly recommended that you play this card if you have it other wise replace it with a second sludge-belcher and a Dancing Swords.

edwin-vancleef – He is nothing more than a threat to play when you don’t really have any other plays. He can be easily replaced with a king mukla or a dancing swords.

Mulligans and Tips

  • Hard mulligan for Coldlight Oracles in all match-ups except aggro.
  • Against aggro look for mainly Deathlord and Antique Healbot.
  • Always use the first gang up on oracles so that you have enough card draw. The second gang up should be used wisely depending on the situation. Maybe you want more taunts or more heals so you gang up either Deathlord or Healbot.
  • You don’t need to save burn spells for face damage in this deck, use them to deal with the board in most cases. Your goal will be to always win through fatigue in the mid to late game.
  • Try to get your Coldlights safely Ganged up or Shadowstepped so you aren’t left with nothing if your opponent kills it.
  • It is ok to use Shadowstep on Healbots or Deathlords sometimes if the situation demands.
  • Do not play Coldlights against aggro decks even if you can mill them the only time to play them would be when they have few cards left or you can clear the board with a Vanish combo.
  • Save saps as hard removal since it will destroy the minion sapped if the opponent has 10 cards in hand.
  • And most of all have fun with the deck.

I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions in the comments and please share your experiences with the deck. Not all decks are meant to be competitive but there sure can be some fun deck to relieve you of your saltiness when you are being bum rushed by aggro all day. Because there’s nothing better than playing 5 Healbots against a face hunter and making them salty. Happy Laddering 🙂