Tournament Report – 3rd Place, Mustache Cup #7

Hello everyone! Yesterday I got 3rd place on the Strivewire’s Mustache Cup #7. I played some very interesting matches and wanted to make a cool report for you guys, maybe you can have some fun reading this and know a little more about the decks I played and my opponents and how the matchups went! […]


Hello everyone! Yesterday I got 3rd place on the Strivewire’s Mustache Cup #7.

I played some very interesting matches and wanted to make a cool report for you guys, maybe you can have some fun reading this and know a little more about the decks I played and my opponents and how the matchups went!

Hope you like the ride, in case you do, i’ll start making more reports :3

Let’s do it!

The Tournament

Mustache Cup is one of many Blizzcon Points tournaments, and as such it is full of people playing it…. full!!!

Even EU people sometimes come along and during yesterday’s tournament I ended up facing one of the top Pro players in the world: Xixo.

The decks I wanted to use on the tournament were the ones I like to use the most (the most skilful Conquest composition, in my humble opinion) which is: Priest (Control), Druid (Midrange) and Warlock (Control, Reno). However this tournament had a 4th pick and a ban, so I choose the deck that I felt most comfortable playing against Aggro which was Tempo Mage, as my 4th deck.

Round 1 – Bye


Round 2 – Dlineman

So my first real opponent. I was happy I got a bye, was enough time for a friend to come over, everyone wanted to watch me play but it is nice to only have one person with you whenever you are playing, explaining plays to a single person (not to multiple ones) usually makes you analyse them more and spot possible misplays a lot easier.

And my luck streak kept going on this matchup, my opponent started off with a deck I banned, so I started with a win on my Warlock without even playing it, what a shame!


I had my Priest and my Mage to play against his Paladin, his Warrior and his Druid, since the Mage was supposed to be good against all 3, and the Priest was terrible against Druid, I decided to pick Priest to try and snipe either the Warrior or the Paladin first so I would get rid of the Priest and have an easy time winning with the mage afterwards.

The match was Priest vs Warrior, yey I managed to snipe his Warrior!

The match was pretty much all in my favor, he was playing Fibonacci’s Warrior and didn’t have many threats, just removal and lifegain, meanwhile I kept dropping threats on the board thanks to museum-curator and could easily remove his threats with entomb. He got his deathwing out of my deathlord which was another bonus for me (I easily removed his Deathwing with my Shadow Word: Death).

The game ended up with him on fatigue, without cards in hand and me still with 9 cards in hand and 5 on the deck.


So I had my Tempo Mage now, and obviously he came back with his full anti-aggro Control Warrior. Needless to say, I got stomped pretty badly. Had to go all in early in the game and left him with 5 HP, but after a Brawl with lots of Armor gain (combined with tournament-medic’s healing) I was powerless by turn 9.


Game 4 I don’t remember very much, but I was very unlucky with Innervates and got rolled over by his Druid.


Game 5 was a funny one, his Paladin wasn’t Secret Paladin as I was expecting, and he decided to go for the most played Paladin option on that tournament (surprisingly) which was Anyfin Paladin!

Yep, the guy was playing Murloc Paladin against my Tempo Mage, and I nearly lost. My luck was that I got a turn 2 unstable-portal which neted me iron-juggernaut, I was able to apply constant pressure and when he stabilized he had 8 health (and 7 cards left on his deck) while I had nothing in hand, I don’t know why he did it, but after clearing my board he decided to solemn-vigil which drew him the Juggernaut’s Mine, dealing 10 damage to his face and winning me the round


Round 3 – loldiamond1

This opponent, I don’t remember very much of what happened here because he was a very low ranked player, I played against very random decks with not much logic behind them and easily went through them, 3-1 (lost to his casino mage with my casino mage, haha!).

Round 4 – Neves

This was a good opponent that got rolled over by me. Neves is one of the top Brazilian players and one of the guys fighting for the 2 Blizzcon spots for Latin America this year.

Game 1 was pretty funny, he was playing Anyfin paladin (once again!) and lost to my Thoughtstolen anyfin-can-happen, which deal exact lethal to him.


Second game was also very fun, he came back with his Anyfin Paladin and I came with the Reno Warlock. I had the Leeroy combo but couldn’t get its cost reduced, my opponent had 18 health and I couldn’t find a way to get him down, the turns before the turn he had 18 health I kept pressuring him but he kept healing up and clearing my board, I was just waiting for my emperor-thaurissan who never came, in the end he combo’d me with Anyfin Can Happen, but I was still alive thanks to a Reno Jackson I played the last turn, without Thaurissan I was dead on board, however I had mind-control-tech which stole one of his Charge murlocs, which combined with my leeroy-jenkins+power-overwhelming+abusive-sergeant was more than enough to deal lethal damage on him.

I laughed pretty hard when he PMed me “Stop killing me with my Murlocs!”. LOL!


The last game was also against his Anyfin Paladin. The guy was determined to win with it, and since he too banned my Druid I had to play the Mage once again.

I applied a lot of pressure on him, and during my rush in turn 7 (or something) when I played my ethereal-conjurer I managed to pick a pyroblast. On turn 10 he finally stabilized with 9 health and me only having 1 card in hand…. Pyroblast to the face!


Round 5 – NaVi’Xixo

This was very close, I was reading Twitter before playing against him and for some reason he decided to post his composition, which was 100% anti-priest for some reason, so I decided to snipe his composition by making a small change on mine: I added Face Shaman instead of the Priest, which was going to get rolled over.

Game 1 I managed to snipe his Rogue with my Face Shaman, nothing much to say here as Face Shaman is extremely favorable against any kind of Rogue Strategy.


Game 2 my Renolock got rolled by his rogue, bad draws on my part and a timely violet-teacher sealed the game for him.


Game 3 was another snipe, as my Tempo Mage managed to face his Midrange Druid.

The game wasn’t hard, but I couldn’t misplay as my opponent was also a good player, the game was sealed by an unresponded archmage-antonidas behind mirror-image right after he casted his keeper-of-the-grove.


Game 4 my Renolock got rolled by his Midrange Druid, as usual for the matchup. I didn’t draw good enough and he turn 3 Thaurissan, which went unresponded and sealed the game.


Game 5 was pretty intense, Xixo’s Paladin was also an Anyfin Paladin, the 3rd I faced today!

I had a good hand, but Xixo had timely responses for everything I dropped, including double doomsayer when I couldn’t do anything about it. Turn 7 when he dropped a Doomsayer on an empty board just to get a free turn 8, I decided to drop my Thaurissan. I drew the full Leeroy Combo by turn 5 and Thaurissan by turn 6, in which I proceeded to drop on turn 7 and combo on turn 8 for exact 20 points on damage (which was his total health at the time).


Round 6 – Heisnotaxel

A guy from Singapore! Woah, this tournament is pretty diverse, and it feels nice to have even people from the other side of the World playing against you, and this matchup was also very very hard.

Game 1 was pretty intense, he was playing Secret Paladin versus my Renolock, at some point I managed to stabilize but didn’t have Reno Jackson to pull myself up even though I riskly tapped many times looking for him until I had only 4 health left, however I had lord-jaraxxus which allowed me to “heal” myself up a little right after his divine-favor filling his hand one again. He went back with the pressure, putting me back to 5 health, however he was already within double Leeroy range (I was doing some ticks of damage to him whenever I could to set up for the combo) so I managed to win the game just in time before I got rolled over.


The game 2 was strange. He was playing Face Shaman and I was playing Tempo Mage, he kept trading and ended up losing with me still having 22 health. If only he went face he could’ve won.


I don’t recall how he rolled over my Druid with 2 of his decks, but in the end I finished the game by defeating him with my Midrange Druid against his Face Shaman, once again he traded and used his burn spells to kill my minions, how unlucky.


Top 4 – Adamastor

I got super ultra mega hyper rolled here. I played Control Priest all 3 games I lost, which I was extremely favored, and he played a quad-cancer strategy.

Sometimes when playing against superior opponents (he knew me, apparently) you pick inconsistent decks so the RNG can give you a higher chance of winning, since you’ll be playing against people that won’t be making as many mistakes as you.

During all the matchups he had Control of the board, all these games I could’ve won if I had one of the following: One of my wild-pyromancers ; My holy-nova ; One of my lightbombs ; auchenai-soulpriest+circle-of-healing combo.

I drew terribly bad, the worse I have ever had, while my Face-y opponent drew perfectly with all his 3 face decks and there was literally nothing I could have done, sometimes this happen but I wasn’t tilted, this is Hearthstone and you just have to live with it.


Runner Up – Hjaapig

This one guy was from China, talk about diverse tournament! My opponent watched the Semifinals and decided to mimic my last opponent’s comp. Little he knew my composition was fully anti-aggro, and this time I wasn’t so unlucky as I was last round.

Game 1 I opened with my Renolock against his Face Hunter. don’t even need to say more, do I? I healed for about 40 points of health and although he kept drawing perfectly there was nothing he could’ve done against a semi-decent Renolock hand.


Game 2 was another stomp, I picked my Priest and he came, once again, with his Face Hunter.

He conceded by turn 5 when I had 20 health, 2 Taunts and a couple minions on board and he had nothing.


Last game he, once again, came with his Face Hunter and Midrange Druid is favorable enough against Face Hunter that this game too was in my favor. However I wasn’t able to combo at any given time, and had to use both my ancient-of-lores to heal up. I almost lost to his double eaglehorn-bow that got charged up by his Traps. I was constantly applying pressure on him so I couldn’t just pass the turn, and in the end my rush was stronger.



Priest, Druid and Warlock is still the strongest Anti-aggro lineup for Conquest tournaments, however this is one of the hardest lineups to play as both Priest and Renolock are very skill intensive decks. This time I had to add a Tempo Mage since this tournament had a ban section and I believe this was the best option I could’ve picked.

Third place is still awesome, I got a couple EURs and a Blizzcon point to add to my list of points. It feels nice to have points this early in the run, and since just reaching the Legend rank already gives you points I should have enough to be fighting for a Blizzcon spot by the end of this Blizzcon Season.

I hope you guys enjoyed this Report, liked it? Want to talk a little about it? Don’t forget to post in the comments!

Oh, about my decklists:

I believe the only thing I would change here is maybe adding one or two living-roots instead of one or two darnassus-aspirant, but I am not sure yet, would have to test more. However it seems like a good change.

Love you guys, see you on the next article!