The top 3 Hearthstone classes to play in January

Decks included.

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A new month is here, which means it’s time to get back on the grind to start ranking up again in Hearthstone.

Standard Hearthstone has changed a bit since Madness at the Darkmoon Faire was originally launched well over a month ago. During the first block of the expansion, Demon Hunter was the most dominant force in the game. After a series of balance changes, though, Demon Hunter is still viable but nowhere near as powerful as before.

If you’re looking for something to climb with this month but are indecisive, we’ve got you covered. Here are the classes expected to perform the best this month. This information is based on win rate data gathered from for the month of December.


There’s never been a better time to be a Shaman player. Since the nerfs to Demon Hunter, Shaman has seamlessly slipped into the overpowered slot. At time of writing, the class has over a 53-percent win rate on, the highest in Hearthstone.

Even though Totem Shaman is still somewhat viable, if you plan on playing Shaman, there’s really only one deck you should invest dust and time into: Evolve. The newest iteration of Evolve Shaman is probably the most powerful version of the archetype to exist in Standard. The deck is also relatively cheap, with most lists coming in at around 3,500 to 5,000 dust.

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Copy this code to use this deck in Hearthstone: AAECAaoIArSRA5zOAw7TAe4GxpkD1KUD2KkD6LAD3bgD4bgDlc0Dm80D8NQD3NsDqd4Dqt4DAA==


Even though Hunter had a tiny altercation with the nerf bat shortly after the release of Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, it still brings the heat. Hunter has just under a 53-percent win rate on right now and has two viable archetypes.

Even though Highlander Hunter was nerfed through changes made to Dinotamer Brann, some versions of the deck still have over a 60-percent win rate. If you’re not a fan of the Highlander archetype and are looking to spend less dust, though, Face Hunter will be your go-to option. Both decks are different, so Hunter is a nice class to pour some dust into if you enjoy swapping playstyles but not classes.

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Copy this code to use Highlander Hunter in Hearthstone: AAECAR8eqAK1A8cDhwTbCf4M/KMDpqUD+a4D+68D/K8Dh7ADorkDpLkD/7oD174D3r4D3MwDm80Dos4DgtADxtEDudID9tYD6OED8uED8+EDhOIDj+MDyuMDAAA=

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Copy this code to use Face Hunter in Hearthstone: AAECAR8GhwTJBJ+lA4WwA4ewA/bWAwyoAv4M+68D/K8DorkD/7oD3MwDm80Dos4DgtADxtEDudIDAA==


It’s only fitting that Rogue slid into the meta unseen. While everyone was clamoring over Demon Hunter and Shaman, Rogue players were hard at work refining their lists. All that refinement paid off because the class now has a 52-percent win rate on

Similar to the Hunter class, Rogue has at least two viable options. That being said, Rogue is probably the most difficult class to play of the ones mentioned on this list. Whirlkick Rogue puts a new spin on the Miracle archetype and can be extremely rewarding but somewhat difficult to pilot for those unfamiliar with the class. If Miracle isn’t your style, there are also viable versions of the classic Aggro Rogue archetype.

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Copy this code to use Whirlkick Rogue in Hearthstone: AAECAaIHBLIClwaK0APZ0QMNtAHtAogH3QiGCY+XA/uiA/WnA6rLA6TRA9/dA+fdA/PdAwA=

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Copy this code to use Aggro Rogue in Hearthstone: AAECAaIHBLQBjALNA5qpAw3GBdQFiAfiB/+lA7m4A7q4A8+5A9m+A6rLA4rUA9/dA+fdAwA=