The 10 best Legendaries in Standard Hearthstone

Who's crushing the meta?

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Hearthstone players are knee-deep in the Scholomance Academy meta right now with a new expansion just around the corner. That means Standard is jam-packed with interesting Legendary cards that offer fun strategies, power, and a high dust cost.

Legendary cards are often the driving force behind a deck’s core archetype. Highlander Mage, for example, wouldn’t work if it didn’t have Highlander specific Legendaries designed to make big moves after certain conditions (no duplicates) have been met.

Speaking of Highlander Mage, the meta has undergone a dramatic shift recently. We’ve updated our list to reflect the current meta and the most recent balance changes.

Since Astromancer Solarian and Evocation are slated for a nerf, they won’t be included on this list when they otherwise would be mentioned. At time of writing, their standing is unknown.

Here are the best Legendaries in Standard Hearthstone.

10) Jandice Barov

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Jandice Barov is dominating Hearthstone Battlegrounds and she’s one of the best dual-class Legendaries to join the game with Scholomance Academy. Playable by Mage and Rogue, Jandice has been able to find major success with both classes. Jandice has a Battlecry that causes her to summon two random five-cost minions. You get to pick one of the minions to die automatically when it takes damage.

Jandice has seen play in Highlander Mage, Spell Mage, Stealth Rogue, and Weapon Rogue. If you plan on playing either class, Jandice is a solid asset.

9) Lady Liadrin

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One of the primary forces of Pure Paladin, Lady Liadrin is the embodiment of righteousness. Liadrin’s Battlecry adds a copy of each spell you cast on friendly characters in a game to your hand.

Since Pure Paladin revolves around buffing up your minions with spells, it’s easy to see how Liadrin’s Battlecry becomes a force to be reckoned with. If absolute victory sounds like something you’re into, check out Pure Paladin.

8) Dragonbane

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Unless you haven’t played Hearthstone at all over the past month, you should be familiar with Dragonbane. Face Hunter is one of the most vicious decks in the meta right now, particularly if you’re climbing back to Legend.

Sometimes, Face Hunter just brings so much damage so early that it can be hard to get around. Dragonbane’s insane effect is a big reason for said damage. After using your Hero Power, you deal five damage to a random enemy. If you manage to clear your opponent’s board, that’s seven damage to the face. Even if you don’t clear, it’s still potentially seven damage to the face.

If you’re a Hunter player and you aren’t already cruising through the lower ranks with Face Hunter, you should consider giving it a shot.

7) Lorekeeper Polkelt

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Lorekeeper Polkelt was introduced with Scholomance Academy and has seen success in numerous different archetypes. Though Polkelt sees most of his success as part of Face Hunter, he’s also a valuable asset to some versions of Galakrond Rogue, Totem Shaman, and Quest Warlock. If Polkelt’s effect looks like something you could have fun with, check out this list of decks that use him.

6) Zephrys the Great

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Arguably one of the coolest cards in Hearthstone history, Zephrys the Great is a wish machine designed for the Highlander archetype. The idea behind Zephrys is that no matter what your opponent has on their side of the field or what position you’re in, he should generate a card to help.

He’s a great way to generate a board clear or high-value finisher. Zephrys is one of the most played Legendaries this year and has an average deck win rate of 52 percent, according to

5) Kronx Dragonhoof

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Simply put, if you’re playing a Galakrond deck, it includes this guy. Kronx Dragonhoof joined Hearthstone with the Galakrond’s Awakening expansion. And although Galakrond decks may not be as powerful as they once were, Kronx can still unleash devastation, literally.

Kronx has a Battlecry that allows you to draw Galakrond. And if you’re already Galakrond, you get to unleash a Devastation. These are zero-cost spell effects that do things like deal five damage to the enemy while healing yourself for five or summoning an 8/8 Dragon with Taunt. Regardless of the deck he’s in, Galakrond provides big value when he hits the board.

4) Lord Barov

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Lord Barov is a dual-class minion for the Warrior and Paladin classes. Barov has a Battlecry that sets the health of all other minions to one. In addition, he also has a Deathrattle that deals one damage to all minions. Lord Barov is versatile and valuable when you consider his low mana cost. He’s so good you can find him in three different decks with over a 60 percent win rate on HSReplay. If you want to test out Barov, check out Pure Paladin, Bomb Warrior, or Broom Paladin.

3) Kayn Sunfury

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Since Demon Hunter launched with Ashes of Outland, it’s been one of the most successful classes in the game. Though Demon Hunter isn’t as powerful as it was on launch, one staple of its successful decks since the class release is Kayn Sunfury.

Kayn has Charge, plus an effect that causes all friendly attacks to ignore Taunt. Kayn is an amazing finisher for Demon Hunter and should be in almost any Demon Hunter deck you can find. Right now, Kayn is seeing most of his success in Soul Demon Hunter.

2) Soulciologist Malicia

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Soulciologist Malicia is a dual-class minion that joined Hearthstone with Scholomance Academy. Malicia has a Battlecry that makes use of the new Soul Fragment mechanic used by Demon Hunters and Warlocks. Soul Fragments are generated by other cards and are stored in your deck. When you draw a Soul Fragment, you restore two health to your Hero.

Malicia’s Battlecry causes you to summon a 3/3 Soul with Rush for each Fragment in your deck. As you can imagine, this can be overwhelming to play against if you’re not prepared. You can find Soulciologist Malicia in Galakrond Warlock and Soul Demon Hunter.

1) High Abbess Alura

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High Abbess Alura is one of the most dominant dual-class minions to join Hearthstone with Scholomance Academy and a core component of Pure Paladin. Though Alura doesn’t see as much success in Priest, she helps make Pure Paladin one of the strongest decks in the game. Abbess also makes use of the new Spellburst mechanic, something worth trying out if you have yet to take on Scholomance Academy. Cards with Spellburst have their effect triggered after you play a spell.

Pure Paladin has over a 60 percent win rate on and is a deck worth your time if you enjoy the class.