Token Druid Deck Video Guide – Breakdown and Gameplay

Skip, of pro Hearthstone Team MYM, shares his Onyxia Token Druid in this video guide.


I’m Jan “Skip” Birkemeyer. I started playing a lot of small tourneys and watched streams to improve myself and now I consider myself a top tier player in not only the European scene but worldwide.

When I was Rank 2 Legend on the European Ladder, I got an offer from Reason Gaming for a Hearthstone team. After some time I contacted a friend, who I had been playing with since early beta and we searched for new guys to form a new team. We found high quality players and named ourselves Team Phoenix, shortly after we got contracted by Meet Your Makers and our current line-up contains 8 of the best players in the world!


  • 3rd player to hit legend in Season 2, #2 Legend during Test Season 2
  • Legend every season + Top 10 at least once every season
  • 1st Place – Zotac Cup EU #16
  • 3rd Place – GosuCup Limited #2
  • Top 4 – Golden Egg Weekly #4
  • Top 4 – Zotac Cup NA #15
  • Top 16 – Zotac Cup EU #13
  • Top 16 – Zotac Cup EU #17
  • Top 16 – NESL Pre Season Cup #33

The Token Druid Deck Video Guide

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