This week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is Send in the Murlocs

The fishy Tavern Brawl this week is random.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Every Wednesday, Hearthstone adds a Tavern Brawl that players can play and claim a free classic pack if they win. This week, a familiar Tavern Brawl called Send in the Murlocs returns to the popular card game after it was seen once last year. 

This week, players will receive a random deck that contains random Murlocs from any class and spells from the class they choose. In a slight twist to this Tavern Brawl, both players start the game with the Journey to Un’goro Shaman Quest, Unite the Murlocs. This allows players to look toward playing out their entire hands since it’ll be refueled with more Murlocs due to Megafin.

While it may seem like most Tavern Brawls with random decks don’t involve much skill testing at first glance, knowing the classes that can overperform others based on their Hero Power and spells allows players to edge out a win over their opponents.

Each class has a powerful strategy to go for, but the best original classes to consider are Druid, Rogue, and Hunter. Druid has board-wide AoE buffs, like Power of the Wild and Mark of the Lotus, which allows any board to become a threatening lethal opportunity.

The major appeal to picking Rogue is that its Hero Power can serve as two chances at removing one health Murlocs due to their dagger coming equipped with two charges. Rogue also has Backstab, which can secure tempo in the early game. Hunter is a fine class to pick because its Hero Power has a chance to close out the game if you lose control of your board.

Unlike most other Tavern Brawls during Ashes of Outland’s release, the newest Demon Hunter class is enabled for this Brawl. Similar to previously-mentioned classes, Demon Hunter is a strong and viable choice due to its powerful spells that can either clear the board, gain card advantage with draw, or summon tokens. Illidan’s cheap Hero Power that costs one mana allows you to use it as removal to keep board advantage, too.

Players have until next Wednesday, June 10 to earn a victory and get a free classic pack before next week’s Tavern Brawl shows up.