This week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is Nefarian Rises

This Brawl includes the unlikely duo of a Murloc and a boy Prince.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Another Tavern Brawl is available in Hearthstone, and this one is a blast from the past.

Nefarian Rises is a cooperative Brawl that’s been featured a number of times during Hearthstone’s lifespan.

So how does a cooperative Brawl work? For this particular Tavern Brawl, you and another player will work alongside one another to defeat the boss minion Nefarian. Nefarian has 200 health and can’t be targeted by spells. Every turn, Nefarian will switch sides of the board. If Nefarian defeats either you or your opponent before you defeat him, Nefarian wins.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Nefarian has a number of tricks up his sleeve that allow him to do what some might consider cheating. When Nefarian reaches 160 health, for example, he’ll become immune for the remainder of the turn. He’ll repeat this action numerous times as his health total falls throughout the match. Nefarian will also cast spells at the end of each turn that either damage you or your minions. As the game progresses, Nefarian’s spells get stronger.

While playing against Nefarian, you’ll be using either Anduin (Priest) or Morgl (Shaman). Both Anduin and Morgl come with a pre-made deck designed specifically to help you take on this Tavern Brawl. The key to beating Nefarian will be working together with your opponent. The Priest player will need to help the Shaman player keep his life total in check, and the Shaman player will need to take care of the heavy-hitting with cards like Bloodlust.

Winning the Tavern Brawl will award you with a classic pack. You can check out the Nefarian Rises Tavern Brawl right now.