This week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is Everybunny Get in Here

Happy Noblegarden.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Easter is just around the corner and the Hearthstone team has taken notice.

In this appropriately themed Tavern Brawl, Hearthstone players will be celebrating Noblegarden by dyeing eggs.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Everybunny Get in Here is a randomly generated deck Brawl that you can hop into right away. Unlike real life, you won’t have to make a mess preparing your egg dyes. Just select the class you’d like to use and you’re all set.

Both you and your opponent will have decks comprised of 10 class cards plus a variety of egg dyes. Dye cards start off as one-cost spells called Shifting Dye. Each turn a Shifting Dye is in your hand, it transforms into a random dye.

Dye cards will be used to buff a Noblegarden Egg that begins with stealth on your side of the board. You’ll be able to use your dye cards to customize the egg as it waits patiently to hatch. You’ll get a new egg each turn. Eggs hatch into a 1/3 Bunny with no dyes applied. But once it’s dyed, it can hatch into a wider variety of minions.

The best way to approach this Brawl is to have fun with it. Things can get wacky and out of control fast. Experiment with the different egg dyes and try to outtrade your opponent. Make sure you try to get maximum value out of any of the class cards in your deck because you don’t have many.

You can head into this Brawl to celebrate Noblegarden for the next week.