This week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is Decks Assemble!

Draft your deck as you play the game with the return of this popular Tavern Brawl.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Each Wednesday, Hearthstone has a new weekly Tavern Brawl that players can participate in to claim a free classic pack. This week’s Tavern Brawl, Decks Assemble!, marks the return of a popular deck-building Brawl that changes the fundamentals of Hearthstone. This is the sixth time that this Tavern Brawl has appeared.

Players pick a class and get assigned a deck of assorted weak cards:

  • Tarnished Coin: Gain one mana for free for the turn.
  • Chicken: A one mana 1/1 minion.
  • Armor Plating: A one mana spell that buffs a minion with one health.
  • Whirling Blades: A one mana spell that buffs a minion with one attack.

Every turn, players get a new four-card hand that’s assorted from cards shuffled into your deck. Afterward, when their turn begins, players discover a card to pick from that they can add to their hand. Whenever a turn ends, players shuffle their entire hands into their decks, drawing four new cards again.

In addition to these rules, whenever a player uses a card, a copy is shuffled into the deck. This means that whenever you play out your turns, spending your mana and playing as many cards as possible is the efficient way to win this Brawl. Since your turn ends with a new full hand, there’s no sense in holding back cards because you’ll be missing out on the tempo or value of playing your cards.

When you select your cards at the beginning of each of your turns, there are two different factors you should consider. The first factor is if the card is a strong play for the current turn. If it fits your curve or answers your opponent’s threats perfectly, then you should always go for that first. The second factor is if the card will be a daunting threat at the top of your mana curve later since there’s a chance you can always draw into a copy of it during future turns. This option is only recommended if you already have a strong play you can do this turn or if your other two options aren’t strong since tempo and board control is key to winning this Tavern Brawl.

Tavern Brawls are usually designed for fun, casual play, letting you try whatever class you enjoy the most. But the newest Hearthstone class, Demon Hunter, is a strong pick in this Brawl if you’re aiming to just win once quick since it has a lot of proactive cards to pick from.

Players have until next Wednesday, July 15 to earn victory and get a free classic pack before next week’s Tavern Brawl arrives.