This week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is Boss Battle Royale

Costumes at the ready.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Nearly all month long, Hearthstone players have been able to enjoy the festivities included with the most recent Hallow’s End event, The Masquerade Ball. But this week, players can take on the final themed Tavern Brawl of the event: The Boss Battle Royale.

This year’s Hallow’s End event has included three unique Tavern Brawls, of which this is the last. Earlier this month, players were treated to the Rise of the Zombeasts Brawl, as well as the Masquerade Ball Tavern Brawl, which shared a name with the event.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Boss Battle Royale originally made its debut in 2017 but with a much different cast. In this Brawl, players get the opportunity to play as Boss characters usually encountered in Hearthstone’s solo modes. The Brawl has been updated to feature Bosses from more recent solo adventures, though.

Each Boss has its own unique deck and Hero Power. Bosses are assigned a class that you’ll be able to see in the selection screen. Each Boss’ deck will primarily be made up of cards from that class, too.

How you approach this Brawl will vary greatly based on which class you choose. Since each Boss has a preconstructed deck, you won’t need to worry about deck building for this Brawl. For this reason, we’d recommend playing the class your most comfortable with, at least for your first go-around. As you’d expect, each Boss has a unique and incredibly strong Hero Power. Mastering the Boss you choose will revolve around learning how its Hero Power meshes with the rest of its preconstructed deck.

You can take on the Boss Battle Royale in Hearthstone to earn a free Classic card pack right now.