This Week in Hearthstone

Hello fellow Hearthstone Players. Today is another week in Hearthstone. This week is week four of 2016. As usual the Tavern Brawl is down for new content and will return on Wednesday. I hope all of you enjoyed the new format I used for the article as I will use that format breaking down day […]

This Week in Hearthstone week 4 of 2016

Hello fellow Hearthstone Players. Today is another week in Hearthstone. This week is week four of 2016. As usual the Tavern Brawl is down for new content and will return on Wednesday. I hope all of you enjoyed the new format I used for the article as I will use that format breaking down day by day going forward. I finished last week stoked at how well the week ended up. I even finished with over twenty five Tavern Brawls, earned several free packs and managed to end at rank ten in ranked play. That is one of the best weeks I have had lately. I even managed to watch a legend play awhile and considering an article on what I saw in the ranked play grind as one of my legend friend puts it. I saw was a long grind that I probably will never have the time to attempt. The legend player played many hours each day I while I saw him gain a rank every day, swapping decks several even going back and forth with the same decks but even making slight changes to mix it up and keep opponents off guard. Enough of lasts weeks highlights, lets jump into maximizing time and then Monday’s experience.

Maximizing Time

I know this section seems redundant every week but I never know when I get a new reader so I repeat this just in case. I typically break my day up into two hours of play while trying to play casual, ranked, and Tavern brawl when it’s up which Tavern Brawl closes Monday and reopens on Wednesday. I use casual for questing on Monday and Tuesday. I try to get a few wins in ranked to work toward that gold hero. Currently I only have a gold priest. The spare time I have left I will begin watching legend players every day for a new article I going to start on mapping a legend player day by day. So if any of you legend players get a request from underdawg1313 please keep in mind it’s for research for writing articles on Hearthstone player’s dot com website. Thank you in advance for adding to your friends list. Let’s get moving on to Monday’s exploits.

Monday 1/18/2016

Well today started off with the quest “Druid Victory”. The goal is to win three games with a Druid in any format. The reward is fifty gold and since I am sitting on fifty five it should be a quick 100 gold pack. I took about twenty three minutes to complete the quest. I ended with three wins and two losses. I lost twice to Shamans. I won one game each against a Druid, Hunter and Paladin. I need one more win for three wins for ten gold on my Druid so I will continue on that even though I earned ten already on my Druid for three wins today. I will post my modified agro Druid in the deck list section. I never thought the next win would take this long but my RNG and having my opponent at lethal with one card and me at plus twenty health were amazing. I was speechless. None the less it took a long time for one Druid win LOL. I pressed on and finally I received that one win after three losses. I ended up with four wins and five losses so not at fifty percent win rate, sorry guys, it happens sometimes. With that being said I now have 125 gold, times to buy a pack. I chose as usual the “Grand Tournament “pack. The pack netted one new card a blue cutpurse the gold version which I now have two of them, one blue thunder bluff valiant, and one purple shadowfiend. The pack also produced 135 dusts to give me an ending balance of 9310 dusts. I also finished the day with twenty five gold. All in all a very nice day. I decided to watch legend players with the rest of my time and I did not play ranked today so tomorrow I will try for two ranked wins to go towards the gold heroes.

Total Time spent 1.5 hours.

Tuesday 1/19/2016

Good morning everyone and welcome to Tuesday with a new quest “Priest Victory”, win three games with a Priest for fifty gold. Well the morning went quick and got my three wins in thirty three minutes. I earned my fifty gold for the quest and the three wins also netted me ten gold. I am sitting at eight five gold so three wins with any character twice will net me the 100 gold needed for a pack today. I used my modified dragon Priest for the three and one record. My only loss was to a Druid who I had at lethal with one turn to go and he also had lethal on next turn and the Druid prevailed. My three wins were against one agro Rogue, one control Priest, and one patron Warrior. Since I had only 33 minutes played, an hour and half left, I decided to keep playing casual to earn 6 wins somehow to put me at 105 gold for the day and a pack earned. I decided on my tried and true secret Paladin to begin with. My first match was against a anyfin Paladin. I know this deck well as I use it too. I used it actually to get to rank ten this month. The game was over at turn 6 with lethal on my next turn but he conceded. Second game was a Hunter and I had a bad opening hand. I managed a win against a beast Hunter/ agro with card draw as a focus. Next match was a Warrior, I have a great opening hand, we will see. Well by turn four it was a quick win do to his concede. I have earned 10 gold in 26 minutes and have 3 wins for the last 10 gold needed for the day. Normally I would I say I see a lot of concedes in casual but believe it or not I see it in ranked play also. Next match was against a Warlock, couldn’t tell what type, he conceded on turn six. Next match was a Warlock. I am not sure what type as he conceded on turn five. Last match was against a Paladin, not sure what type, he conceded on turn four. I earned my pack, bought a “Grand Tournament Pack”. I received one purple lock and load and one bluevoid crusher. I disenchanted for 135 dusts. Today I posted a heck of a win rate with nine wins and one loss. I should have left well enough alone but I had a little spare time to play and decided on playing ranked. That’s it for today.

Total Time spent 2.0 hours for the normal day.

Wednesday 1/20/2016

Guess what Hearthstone players? It is a great day for Hearthstone. Blizzard announced yesterday Tavern Brawl tournaments for the masses in a fireside beginning opportunity. I am an avid Tavern Brawl player and I have hosted fireside tournaments before. Due to my work commitments I probably won’t be able to host one but I am going to try to do my best to get one here in Amarillo Texas. I am very excited based on this announcement. I guess when the developers said things were in the works they were not kidding. Anyway let’s get started on today. Today’s quest turns out to be Mage or Shaman victory for forty gold. I may need one extra win for 10 more to put me over 100 gold to get that pack. I decided to go with Tempo Mage initially in casual play since I see so many of them in the ladder. I won a quick game in Tavern brawl to earn the pack. . The pack yielded me one blue armorsmith, and one gold deadly shot. The pack also netted me thirty five dusts. Overall very nice for seven minutes of time spent. I have a quest to win two games with a Mage or Shaman so that is going to be my next hero selection in Tavern Brawl to get that completed for the day. IO managed to finish out the day with 45 more minutes in Tavern Brawl to complete the daily quest. I finished the day at 52 minutes of play. I will continue tomorrow to engage Tavern Brawl to complete the daily quests as it is quick and efficient. I did have time left over for ranked play and after going nine and one then 3 and nine to finish out at twelve and ten. I left ranked play at rank ten again with two stars. Let’s look forward to tomorrow and maybe use our extra time left over then.

Time Spent 2.0 hours.

Thursday 1/21/2016

Today we begin with the quest “Only the Mighty” which is play twenty minions that cost five or more. This is perfect for my Warrior decks especially built for General Drakkisath in solo adventures but sad to say this does not apply. In most cases you can use solo for credit but not this one. I will subside to Tavern Brawl and give that a shot. Tavern Brawl was to slow so I switched to my Warlock in casual which has the most minions at five or more. I had nine minions over five. I spent 45 minutes to complete the quest. The rest of the day I will be playing Tavern Brawl. I am sitting on 45 golds so I do not anticipate earning enough gold today for a pack. I did run only Tavern Brawl’s today and I think the best choice is Paladin for the hero in this format. I managed twenty plus win in Tavern Brawl with the Paladin. I finished the day at 55 gold so tomorrow I should earn a free pack with 100 plus gold.

Time spent 2.0 hours.

Friday 1/22/2016

The quest earned today is “The meek shall inherit”. This quest is for the player to play thirty minions that cost two or less for forty gold. I will utilize Tavern Brawl for this as you start off with a hand full of pirates that cost two. I finished this quest in fifteen minutes while going two and one in the Tavern Brawl using the Paladin. I figured out that the win rate in Tavern Brawl with the Paladin is easily over fifty percent without the coin, but with the coin I was able to maintain over sixty percent win rate. I earned ten gold twice with my Paladin in Tavern Brawl which gave me enough gold for a pack. The pack I chose was the Grand Tournament. The pack produced one purple shadowfiend and one blue thunder bluff valiant. The packet also gave me 135 dusts for disenchanting. That is all for today.

Total time spent 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Saturday 1/23/2016

Welcome to the weekend. Today’s quest is mage victory, win three games with a Mage, and earn 50 gold. I decided to attempt this quest in Tavern Brawl. The first two games were a quick win. I then proceeded to lose four in a row. I did win the next one to finish the three wins needed. I won against: a Paladin, Druid, then lost to: Priest, Hunter, and a Rogue. I won the last game against a Shaman. I did manage to have lethal in the four losses but could finish the opponent off. I am sitting at 85 gold needing one more win the Mage to earn 10 gold for three wins a second time. I spent one hour and fourteen minutes to complete the quest of the day. Since it is Saturday I will be able to play more than two hours and at least play long enough to earn twenty gold to get the pack for the day. I need more Mage win and I will switch to the Paladin in Tavern Brawl for the next three wins needed. Well I managed to win three more in Tavern Brawl with the Paladin. I earned enough for a Grand Tournament pack. I received one blue alexstraza’s champion. I was able to disenchant for forty dusts. That is it for today.

Total time spent today 2.65 hours.

Sunday 1/24/2016

Hello all welcome to the last day of the week. I started off with the quest to win two games with a Rogue or Warrior for forty gold. I decided to play Tavern Brawl. I spent 54 minutes winning one game with a Warrior and one game with a Rogue. I finished the week at 65 gold, 9790 dusts, and 6973 wins overall. I also have 111 arena wins and still sitting at rank ten in ranked play. Time for playoff football today.

Total time spent 54 minutes.

Parting Thoughts

All in all a good week in Hearthstone. Look for my upcoming Tavern Brawl article on Wednesday and of course my article on this week in Hearthstone. I kept my overall time spent in game under two hours a day as planned. Please consider subscribing to the premium membership at Hearthstone players dot com as it worth it in my opinion. Peace out from Texas with 70 degree weather this week.