This Week in Hearthstone

Hello fellow Hearthstone Players. Today is another week in Hearthstone. This week is week three of 2016. As usual the Tavern Brawl is down for new content and will return on Wednesday. Last week was very productive and I hope to duplicate that success this week. I hope all of you enjoyed the new format […]

This Week In Hearthstone week 3 of 2016 

Hello fellow Hearthstone Players. Today is another week in Hearthstone. This week is week three of 2016. As usual the Tavern Brawl is down for new content and will return on Wednesday. Last week was very productive and I hope to duplicate that success this week. I hope all of you enjoyed the new format I used for the article as I will use that format breaking down day by day going forward. Well lets dive right in.

Maximizing Time

As usual I play to play at least two hours a day and breaking that out between ranked play and Tavern Brawl play. I do play casual sometimes also depending on how the ranked play is going as far as win rate. I typically run Tavern Brawl the most, then try to do ranked play to advance towards the gold Hero and then casual depending on the quests received each day. The goal is always to earn seven packs a week for 100 gold. Last week I was able to earn the seven. Hopefully the minimum is five packs a week but there are times when I earn less but not that often I am by no means an outstanding player but I am good enough to earn a pack day depending on the quests received for the week. Ok let’s jump in a start the week with today, Monday’s, experiences of the day. Keep in mind my total time spent that day includes reading time and deck construction time.

Monday 1/11/2016

Today’s quest I received is win two games with a Priest or Warlock. I decided to go casual and start out with my modified dragon Priest. I considered running Nuba’s control Priest listed on the Hearthstone Players dot com website, but decided to stay with my dragon/control Priest. Nuba’s Priest does look to fit my playstyle easily but my tried and true Priest did his job in casual against A Rogue and Druid. I had two quick wins plus had two wins on my Priest already so the two wins made an easy 100 gold. My Priest is already a gold hero so it will be put up until the next quest it’s needed. I will play ranked the rest of today to earn points toward my other hero’s to get the closer to gold heroes. I cashed my 100 gold in for ‘The Grand Tournament’ pack. The pack gave me one gold, a icehowl and one blue, aargent watchman. Nice pack in my opinion, one of the best in a few weeks. The dust generated came out to be 435 for the duplicates I already had in my collection. I decided to finish the day out with some new decks and earn at least one win for each of my heroes to get points closer to the gold versions in ranked play. I changed my Warlock deck first from handlock/giant/giant reno jackson deck to a midrange/zoo type found on hearthstone players dot com and tweaked a little to my preferences. I managed the one win for the new Warlock first time at rank thirteen. The game was against a Druid with a deck at not seen before but I would call it a control type. This deck does look promising at this level. I finished the day at the usual fifty percent plus win rate with the new Warlock deck. On Tuesday I’ll try a different hero in ranked with a new deck type searched from Hearthstone Player’s dot com. I switched to secret Paladin when I started seeing all the Mage’s at rank 13. The secret Paladin works better for me against the Mages. The Warlock works well against the rest of the field for me. That’s it finally for today with a 50 percent + win rate.

Total Time spent Today = 2.5 Hours.

Tuesday 1/12/2016

Tuesday started off with a bang and I had my secret Paladin set up for ranked play depending on the quest of the day I pulled. I was set on running my new Warlock deck and my old secret Paladin deck both modified a little to my playstyle. Monday ended with three wins on the Paladin and three wins on the new Warlock deck for rank play while remaining at rank 13. Remember I only spend around two hours per day so there will not be huge numbers here but more of an insight to what I saw. I saw a few Paladins coin a shielded minibot and I disagree with this play. I save the coin personally for something else such as a mysterious challenger on turn five or something else. That’s just my opinion. Rank play I got three quick wins for ten gold with my secret Paladin. I then proceeded to three quick wins with my new midrange/zoo Warlock for another ten gold. The quest I received for today was win games with any class which as you can see already completed with the six wins. The time period for this was thirty minutes. I am now at 65 gold and should be able to pull another 35 gold in another hour sometime today for the 100 gold pack. I am sitting at rank 13 with four stars at this moment. I continued rank play with my secret Paladin and received bonus stars for a win to end up at rank 12 with 2 stars. I continued casual play to earn the gold for a 100 gold pack. I won the pack and received 2 blues- draenei totemcarver and convert. The dust from extras came to 55 dusts. I finish the day at 11 wins and 2 losses so way above maintaining 50 percent win rate. I saw nothing but Mages at Rank 13 to Rank 12 so I guess that is the worst matchup for my secret Paladin but the Warlock does well against Mages so we will switch to the new midrange/zoo Warlock. Amazingly after I switched after 10 mages I get a Warlock mirror match.

Total time spent today 2.5 hours.

Wednesday 1/13/2016

In case some of you might be wondering I am sitting at 5998 wins and 111 arena wins. I have played since beta and this is by far my favorite game. I even stop playing old school card games and I now only play online. I have played Magic, Soulforge, and every other online card game. The one game I liked a lot by EA sports which they shut down the servers, I miss. I cannot remember the name but you play a card and minions would appear on the map and you would move along the map and attack other creatures or move towards their summoning point. I am sorry but the name of the game escapes me but I am sure one of my readers will let me know in the comments. I know it was Battleforge. I really enjoyed it; you also bought packs to get the cards. I am sorry I mentioned another game here but it was one of my favorites so called card game. Nothing like reminiscing. Now back to today. I finished at rank ten with two stars. The win rate was extremely high today, not sure why, but I average 50 to 60 percent but I guess due to RNG I finished the day at over 70 percent with my modified secret Paladin. I will post the secret Paladin deck in the deck list section. Welcome to a new Tavern Brawl this week which is one that has made an appearance before. The theme and aspect are Mechazod returns and defeat him through co-op play. This is a fun format for me but it is time consuming as every turn is important and although it’s not an easy win, it is do able with considerable thought processing each turn. The increase in time this day was due to complicated Tavern Brawl opening today.

Time spent 3.5 hours

Thursday 1/14/2016

Welcome to day 4. I have several choices to make with my time today. The new Tavern Brawl is time consuming but I intend to play it at least once a day. I have to keep in mind the average Tavern Brawl single game takes approximately 30 minutes. I have two quests today, 2 Druid or Rogue wins for 40 gold, and 3 Druid wins for 50 gold. Normally I would do these in Tavern Brawl but due to the time commitment in Tavern Brawl I will complete these in casual play today. The reason I will not attempt the quests in rank play is because being at rank 10 I do not feel confident enough to use him at that level. I am not saying the Druid is not valid at this rank, but the fact to me personally and my playstyle I do not feel comfortable playing him. I attempted 2 games in Tavern Brawl; we were both dead by turn 6 both times, therefore I made the switch to casual to get the Druid wins I needed to complete my quests for the day. I managed to complete the Druid wins in casual, it was not easy. I made the right choice I believe because the ladder would have been more difficult I think. Now I have 2 packs to open today, 1 is a classic from Tavern Brawl and the other is The grand Tournament pack from earning 100 gold today. The first pack I opened was the classic which netted one blue card master swordsmith. The dust from this pack was 40. The next pack, a Grand Tournament, produced one blue void crusher. The dust netted from this pack was 40 which gave me and ending balance of dust at 8965. I also finished the day with 35 gold. I finished with 6001 wins and 111 arena wins which the 6000 barrier was a nice mountain to surpass since playing in the beta days.

Total time spent today was 2.0 hours.

Friday 1/15/2016

Today we start off with the quest total dominance which pays 100 gold for winning seven games in any mode. I always do a solo adventure and the quickest, easiest win for me is my special warrior deck built to play against General Drakkisath. The game is usually done by turn six but if you get alexstrasza on turn one its over on your turn three. So it usually takes less than thirty minutes to win seven games. The actual time spent was twenty three minutes for seven wins. I proceeded to buy a Grand Tournament pack for 100 gold. I received one purple dreadsteed, and one blue injured kvaldir. I disenchanted the extra cards for 135 dust which put my dust balance at 9100. I am sitting at 6002 wins, 111 arena wins and rank 10 in the ladder. My ending gold balance is 55 gold which should make for a quick day tomorrow. That is it for today.

Total time spent today was 45 minutes.

Saturday 1/16/2016

Welcome to the weekend and the last two days of this week in Hearthstone. I have more time to play today so we will see how far we get. Let’s start off with the quest of the day. The quest is “The Meek Shall Inherit”. Play thirty minions that cost two or less and it pays forty gold. I decided to run in casual with my secret Paladin to get this quest done. The time was 20 minutes to complete the quest. I used the gold to buy a Grand Tournament pack. The pack revealed one blue argent watchman. The dust from disenchanting was forty to put my dust balance at 9140. I played some more Tavern Brawl and accumulated twenty one wins so far which in this format seemed to be pretty good. I ended the day with a gold balance of eighty five and I am hoping to earn enough gold on Sunday for another pack. The opponents I saw in casual were mainly Hunter’s, but I did get quite a few mages and Druids. In ranked play I played against only Paladins and Mages. I ended with 6014 wins and 111 arena wins. I continued to play ranked and managed to stay at rank ten but the opponents were tough. I saw only Mages and other Paladins at this rank. I did watch a Legend player allgood for a couple of hours and to say the least it was brutal for me but he did well. I am considering writing a new article focused on legend players I know and watching their play. I have a great time with allgood and the player was fine with me spectating his games. I have to give props to allgood, remember it is nice for them to allow us to view their play. I learned a lot watching allgood. I ask that if a player allows you to follow them to be courteous and give them encouragement as they are nice enough to allow us to watch them in their exploits. Always be courteous and thank them for their time.

Total Time spent 45 minutes.

I then got back off and on the rest of the day to watch some players and play a few rounds of ranked with my secret Paladin.

Total time spent about 5 hours.

Sunday 1/17/2016

Today started off with a quest calling for “Everybody! Get in Here”. This quest pays sixty gold for five Tavern Brawl wins. The first three wins came pretty quick in the first hour. I then proceeded another hour of heartbreaks but finally got the two wins to complete the quest. I proceeded to get a Grand Tournament pack for 100 gold. I received one blue tuskarr jouster. The dust netted from disenchanting was forty. I finished the day with a dust balance of 9180 and a gold balance of fifty five.

Total Time spent 2.5 hours.

Parting Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed the latest on this week in Hearthstone and come back for the next one. Tavern Brawl was tough this week but tons of fun. Ranked play was still tough and I finished the week at rank ten. I played some casual but spent most of my time Tavern Brawl. The keys to Tavern Brawl this week are as follows: if you are the Druid you are waiting for the Mage to play mirror entity into your lorewalker cho and once both of you have cho its time for healing spells; the next wait is for the Druid to cast millhouse once the Mage’s hand is full so his spells cost zero the next turn; I recommend keep both sides of board full as much as possible but always make sure there is a spot for Mechazod otherwise he will clear your board for a spot. I encourage you guys and gals to join the premium membership at Hearthstone player’s dot com. I think it is a wise investment as you get access to all content in real time, no delays or waiting for it to go free. Peace out from Texas with snow still present.