13 June 2016 - 23:38

ThijsNL triumphs in HCT Spring Europe Championship

ThijsNL proves once again he is one of the strongest players in the game, by becoming for the second time in a row the European Champion.

HCT Spring Europe Championship 2016 concluded yesterday and Thijs "ThijsNL" Molendijk of G2 eSports became the first back-to-back European Champion in Hearthstone.

Even though Thijs made some bad appearances in tournaments lately, as in CN vs EU 3 and StarLadder i-League S2, he showed what his true capacity is where it actually counted, in the European Championship, where he became the second player in the relatively short history of the game that qualifies for BlizzCon for two years in a row, after Hak-Jun “Kranich” Baek.


The road to triumph was not an easy one. Thijs had to face some very strong opponents that meant serious business. In the first round of the playoffs he faced the Italian player Turna, where he won with a 4-2 proceding to fight against, probably the crowd's favourite, Loyan.  The match ended with a 4-1 in favour of the Dutch. In the grand finals he found himself against Iner, the underdog from Russia, that showed great potential. The Bo7 series were intense and after a tie at 3-3, Thijs' boosted Edwin made the headlines, as he managed to quickly sweep his opponent who was desperate for a Sap draw, which never came, to save him. 

With that win Thijs cashed $25,000 and a prestigious trophy. We look forward to see him in BlizzCon and we wish he takes home the trophy he fights so hard for. Stay tuned!

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