These TGT Lists have been Battle Tested! Give Them a Try!

And here we are again! A lot of testing has already been done, but not enough to tell you that you must craft many legendaries. The ones that performed very well were: – probably the strongest Legendary in TGT, now tested and confirmed to be a good craft. and – must-have for anyone wanting to […]


And here we are again!

A lot of testing has already been done, but not enough to tell you that you must craft many legendaries.

The ones that performed very well were:

justicar-trueheart – probably the strongest Legendary in TGT, now tested and confirmed to be a good craft.

twilight-guardian and chillmaw – must-have for anyone wanting to play a Dragon-Control list.

Other cards are not performing well, and I would suggest waiting a little before crafting bombs like varian-wrynn and eadric-the-pure.

aviana seems to be a decent Legendary overall, but I wouldn’t count it as a must-have like Justicar and Chillmaw is, because those are neutral and can be used in multiple decks while Aviana is a druid-only card.

In these articles you will find a bunch of newly tested lists, that actually work!

Shall we begin?

Paladin Midrange

Paladin Midrange initial performance is far superior than its Dragon version. murloc-knight is far stronger than anyone initially thought, and is capable of winning the games by itself.

As predicted, justicar-trueheart is a bomb, and makes the deck a lot stronger late game than most Control decks out there because of its inevitability.

Trueheart also allow us to run a second copy of quartermaster, making the deck a lot more consistent.

This is by far the strongest build I came up with, and it’s working wonders. This is the list I recommend you playing.

Shaman Midrange

Shaman Midrange, as we also predicted, has become a very strong deck in the metagame.

We still can not tell if the deck is strong because of its actual strength, or simply because people don’t know how play against it, however, it sure is a very fun deck to play with (at least for now).

healing-wave is still far inferior than antique-healbot, so don’t be fooled by huge healing when the card itself doesn’t give you anything else other than that.

Other cards such as totem-golem and tuskarr-totemic are just too strong, not to mention thunder-bluff-valiant which is capable of taking games by itself.

Another nice thing to notice about this deck is how proactive it is when compared to other Shaman decks, no earth-shock means you now have much better cards to play instead, and the deck is now capable of generating a lot more value than before while still being very strong in board control.

I loved this deck, and in case you miss Shamans, this is the list you should try out!

Dragon Control Warrior

Well and here is another list I have been working on improving today.

I did a lot of playtests, but I have to say I haven’t crafted varian-wrynn yet. Reason being, everyone that casted against me seem to have lost the game, meaning the card didn’t perform as good as they thought it would – I also have no dust for it. 🙁

Ok ok, there is still the danger than you will get Grommash’ed, which is when the card really shines, but at 10 mana I don’t think many things are playable anyway.

I am not saying the card is bad: it generates absurd value, but it just seems to be too slow and inconsistent(too RNG dependant, and very low chances of getting good stuff).

twilight-guardian is just as good as we initially thought, and also a multi-deck card: anything with “Dragon” written on the deck’s name shall want to have 2 copies of this card, so if you intend to play a Dragon deck, this is a card you should craft.

alexstraszas-champion – I am still unsure about this card, no matter how many times I have playtested it, I just can’t seem to know if I like this or not. But to be honest, this performed so well in the tests that for now I intend to keep playing this on my Dragon Warrior deck. This card simply works as another good minion to cast early in the game and do decent trades, a 3/3 Charge for 2 mana is insane no matter the time, the only reason I am still doubtful about this card is because I don’t know if I would want better Mid-game stuff instead.

This deck runs no justicar-trueheart, simply because Warrior is the least good class to use it with, and I couldn’t find room for it.

As additional note, bash isn’t considered a bad card just yet, it is just that other cards seem to be just better for this specific metagame that we are facing in the TGT release, that is composed of a lot of Midrange decks.

Dragon Priest

The single strongest anti-cancer deck in the game right now, Dragon Priest simply wrecks anyone trying to cheese in some wins with Face decks during these first days of release.

During my grind to Legend I faced a lot of Face Hunters trying to prey on people playtesting decks, and those decks were just destroyed by Dragon Priest. Unfortunately I don’t think Dragon Priest is as strong as Midrange Paladin right now to justify playing it over Paladin, but if you are into playing Priests, this is the list for you!

The initial tests for wyrmrest-agent and twilight-whelp were a success, they are indeed a core part of Dragon Priest as we initially predicted.

We still have a lot to test, and I am very unsure about both the dragonkin-sorcerer as well as the azure-drake, but these cards seem to be a lot better than standard staples in this Dragon Deck.

I apologize for not being able to playtest confessor-paletress just yet, I was very unlucky in my first 110 packs, so i’ll need to save gold to get more dust and craft her.

Both Priests and Warlocks are the classes capable of having the highest number of Dragons in a deck, so if you wish to play the most consistent Dragon deck as possible, Priest is definitely an option for you.

Oh, before I forget there is another thing: justicar-trueheart is a bomb in Priests as well, craft one asap – regardless of the class you want to play!

This is a very skill-dependant deck, I would recommend playing this deck for anyone trying to become a better Hearthstone player, try to take note of your mistakes and get better while playing this.


These were my initial playtested lists, me and my friends are still going on a very deep process of playtesting a lot of lists and this takes time, I also still need to get a lot of cards, so bear with me whenever I don’t have a certain card to playtest, but if my mates do, they will test it. Be sure of it!

In case you want to help me speed this process of gathering cards, don’t forget you can also donate me some cash in the “tip the author” button, I am now going to use all the money donated to me from this method to get more packs and playtest more decks for you guys! 😀

Want me to playtest a certain deck? Get it better? Don’t forget to ask me in the comments section below!

Any question or suggestion regarding the deck I just posted that hasn’t been responded yet? Feel free to post them in the comments section as well!

I hope you guys have been enjoying these articles, I am to make more lists soon! Now I am going to have some sleep 😛

Love you all, byes!