Theorycrafting on Post-Nerf Meta – Part 2

Nuba continues his theory crafting predictions of the meta in this Part 2 of the series - which deck will you play post 22nd September?


This is the second part of this theory crafting article, in the first part I explained why I think Control is going to be the main thing on the meta as well as showed a couple of deck lists I think will be good in the meta, in case you have not read the first part yet, you can find it here:

Link to Part 1

Druid Ramp

Another deck everyone is excited about, you’ll notice an extremely bold tech on my deck: deathwing. After a lot of thinking I came to the conclusion Ramp will need a late-game Board wipe in order to be strong, and nothing does that better than deathwing, keep in mind I am not using him as a Tech as a Board wipe against Aggro, but as a board wipe against Control decks: most of the players wont expect a Druid to have a board wipe mechanism, and the surprise may catch many players unprepared!

Priest Control

Did I hear.. NO MIRACLE?!?! Oh yeah, that means Control Priest is finally safe to exist!!!

After months on the asylum, Control Priests are finally out! And now we have extra tools to deal with Early game aggro as well as to try to pressure up Control or Midrange decks. Priest is still huge late game, so Priest Control is a safe choice to play. Remember Priest Control, although good against most midrange and control decks, is not that good against Handlock, so following my guesses Priest should be a counter-counter-meta choice, so you can counter the counter while you counter.

PS: Pun intended!

Keep in mind that Handlock, although might be the most played deck after the nerf, will not be as Hunter is now: over half of your matches. But rather around 1/5 of them at most. Which means you’ll be safe playing priest to counter those pesky control decks.

Paladin Control

Firstly, sorry for of this one’s language not being in English, I wont have tirion-fordring until the day they nerf Leeroy, which will be the day I’ll make my own Tirion, but since I still don’t have him I had to ask my friend to build this deck and screenshot it for me. Yes, I am disenchanting that leeroy-jenkins and making a tirion-fordring and yes, I am playing Paladin when the nerf bat hits.

Together with Priests, Paladin Control is also a Control’s counter, but different from priests, Paladin is also a Handlock counter which means Paladin decks might be the strongest counter meta choice for the first days after the patch hits. Paladin’s weakness is the fact it has inconsistent early game defenses against aggro, and that was not fixed by Naxxramas, rather the late game became even more consistent. Regardless of that, paladin is always a strong anti-control deck, and this version has enough taunts to win the Aggro matchup. You also have to remember that the fact there is no Buzzard+UTH combo anymore means that Paladins are safer than never to play in the ladder: Their hero power will not play against themselves!


I hope y’all enjoyed the big wave of decklists I threw at you today, it was extremely fun theory crafting all of this and I just can’t wait for this nerf to hit so we’ll be able to play a completely different meta.

I’ll try to update you guys as soon as I come up with anything new, but as far as today that is all I can give you ): Thanks for reading :3 Cuddles,