Hearthstone’s latest expansion, The Witchwood, is now available

What are you waiting for? Probably the servers to let you in.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

After a month of hype, card reveals, and theory crafting, Hearthstone‘s latest expansion is finally here.

The Witchwood cards, all 135 of them, are now available in the game. They can be crafted through the Collection in-game, and all those Witchwood packs are now just waiting for you to crack them open.

If you pre-ordered the set, you will have 70 packs sitting waiting for you as well as any others earned from quests during the pack event. Even if you haven’t paid money for packs, just logging in will earn you three free Witchwood packs and a random legendary.

Depending on your attitude to Wild, you might be able to generate a lot of dust too. With this being the first expansion of the new Standard year, a lot of your cards won’t be available for Standard play anymore. You can dust those cards to make ones from the new set.

The set being live also means the arrival of Hearthstone’s newest PvE content, Monster Hunt. Players pick one of four classes to play against computer-controlled bosses until they defeat that class’ nemesis. Once all four are complete, the classes combine to fight Hagatha in the conclusion.

If you need help deciding what decks to build in this new meta, watch tomorrow’s Inn-vitational. Eight of the game’s top streamers will be taking part in a small Blizzard tournament, and building decks with the new Standard set.