The best Warlock decks in Hearthstone

Use these decks to with Gul'dan to reach higher rankings.

Image via Blizzard

The Warlock class in Hearthstone has two main archetypes in every expansion, Zoo or Control Warlock. While there are some outliers during the early weeks of the expansions, usually these decks get refined into an aggressive or control-oriented one as the meta settles. The Life Tap hero power that allows you to sacrifice two health to draw a card is very powerful in both of these decks, allowing you to refill your hand quickly and play your turns.

With three ranked modes currently available, we made a list of decks you can play to climb easier in whatever mode you prefer to play. Below each deck, you’ll find a code you can copy to paste the list directly into your Hearthstone collection.

Here are the best Hearthstone Warlock decks to play currently.


Control Warlock

After the latest additions from the Forged in the Barrens expansion, Warlock has found itself in a dire spot a couple of weeks ago. After Mage and Paladin were nerfed, Warlock became much more powerful and has been dominating the ladder with its high mana cost cards. The early game plan is to shuffle as many Soul Fragments as possible in the deck, before throwing strong creatures on the board. Life Tap helps you refill your hand quickly and keep up a good board while you shuffle through your cards for removal and taunts.

The plan is to mulligan for Spirit Jailer, Armor Vendor, and Soul Shear early on. These cards are great to withstand aggressive decks due to their good early stats on top of having amazing effects such as giving you armor, doing damage to a minion, or shuffling Soul Fragments into your deck.

Unlike other classes that have multiple viable Standard decks, Warlock doesn’t seem to find any success with a deck outside of Control Warlock for now. Zoo lost a lot of core cards during the latest rotation and is overwhelmed by other aggressive decks that can flood the board much easier.

Code: AAECAf0GCM/SA5XeA/zeA87hA/bjA/LtA6iKBIWgBAusywPM0gPN0gOO1APG3gPm4QP14wP44wOS5AODoATnoAQA


Zoo Warlock

Zoo Warlock is one of the oldest archetypes in Hearthstone. Aided by the Life Tap hero power, Zoo is focused on putting as many early-game minions on the board as possible to overwhelm the opponent and slowly wither their health pool down. With 28 cards with a mana cost of two mana or less, this deck is all about early game. If you fail to get control of the board early on, you’ll encounter big issues on trying to control your opponent, so try to plan appropriately to get a good lead.

Mulligan for Malchezaar’s Imp, Kobold Librarian, and Expired Merchant. These three cards allow you to have an explosive early game and help you snowball from there.


Control Warlock

Control Warlock in Wild is similar to the Standard version, using the power of high mana cost minions and Life Tap hero power to refresh hand as you play your cards.

The early-game plan is to shuffle as many Soul Fragments as possible in the deck, before throwing strong creatures on the board. They will be a key later on when your health is low since they’ll give you back two health each time you draw them. Mulligan for Spirit Jailer, Armor Vendor, and Soul Shear early on to have a good early game.

Code: AAEBAf0GCM/SA5XeA/zeA87hA/bjA/LtA6iKBIWgBAusywPM0gPN0gOO1APG3gPm4QP14wP44wOS5AODoATnoAQA


Zoo Warlock

The oldest archetype in Hearthstone, Zoo Warlock was the most popular deck back in the game’s early days. It was cheap and easy to play, while also hard to master. By having a lot of cards at your disposal, every trade has to be calculated precisely to increase your winning chances against whatever opponent you might face. Flame Imp and Void Walker are the best early game drops, so aim to mulligan for them.


Control Warlock

The Classic Control Warlock deck is all about filling your hand as much as possible, before using Twilight Drake and Mountain Giant on the board. One will get additional health, while the other one will have a discounted cost. With not many classes being able to deal with them early on, they can win you the game on the spot. Mulligan for them and Life Tap early on to make them more effective.