The best Rogue decks in Hearthstone

Pick these decks to make your ranked grind easier.

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The Rogue class will always have great decks to play in Hearthstone due to its powerful core cards. It usually has at least one deck focused around using their Combo cards to get access to specific abilities such as dealing damage, drawing cards, or returning cards to their owner’s hands.

With three ranked modes currently available, we made a list of decks you can play to climb easier in whatever mode you prefer to play. Below each deck, you’ll find a code you can copy to paste the list directly into your Hearthstone collection.

Here are the best Hearthstone Rogue decks to play right now.


Watch Post Rogue

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The Watch Post deck is currently the most popular Rogue deck in Standard due to the disruption mechanics it has via the Watch Posts. By increasing the cost of cards your opponent draws, their usual plan might be disrupted, giving you time to draw your legendaries and build a strong board.

Your main goal during the mulligan phase is to keep or look into getting one of the two Watch Posts, Mankrik, or Efficient Octo-Bot. These cards allow you to build a good board early on, which will stop your opponent from going on with their early-game plan.

Code: AAECAaIHBNnRA/roA/zoA+fwAw3evgOqywOfzQPHzgOk0QPn3QPz3QP36AP56AOo6wOq6wOr6wP2nwQA

Poison Rogue

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Poison Rogue is a deck oriented at picking up all weapon-improving cards and a couple of minions to build some synergy between them. The core card you should be aiming during the mulligan is Swinetunk Shank. The weapon gets +1 durability for each Poison you play, allowing you to keep attacking with it every turn.

With the deck having 28 out of 30 cards with a mana cost of one to three, you can easily find plays every turn to ensure you keep up an aggressive playstyle early on and chunk your opponent’s health from the get-go.

Code: AAECAaIHAA+qywOfzQP+0QPV1AP31AOL1QPn3QPz3QOp6wOq6wOs6wOt6wOSnwSUnwT3nwQA

Stealth Rogue

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Stealth Rogue is an aggressive deck, similar to Poison Rogue, except it focuses on using various minions to take over the game instead of solely relying on the weapon. The biggest downside is if your minions are cleared on the board, you’ll be having a hard time dealing damage solely with your weapon.

During your mulligan, aim for the Stealth minions early on such as Spymistress, Worgen Infiltrator, and Sneaky Deliquent alongside the Self-Sharpening Sword.



Quest Rogue

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Quest Rogue aims at trying to quickly activate the Crystal Core effect to make all your cheap minions much stronger due to the improved stats. With many card-bouncing effects, you should be able to get the quest done by the fourth turn most of the games. With it done, you can take over the board and slowly chip away at your opponent’s health.

You should always keep the Quest in your opening hand, since without it your entire game plan is ruined. Try to mulligan for cheap minions and card-bouncing effects so you can get started working towards your quest early on.



Miracle Rogue

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The Classic deck that defined Hearthstone back in the day, Miracle Rogue is the pinnacle of planning ahead and using your resources carefully to take down your opponents. The main game plan is to reach turn four or five, when you can put the Gadgetzan Auctioneer on the board and begin the Miracle by drawing a lot of cards next turn by using spells.

Early on, if you have Preparation and Edwin Van Cleef, you can get an explosive early game by using them in combination with some spells to put your opponent on a time clock. If they don’t have an answer to it, they will most likely concede. While the deck has a high winrate and is rewarding to play, it’s one of the toughest to pilot due to the need to assess your next couple of turns ahead.