The best Hearthstone Classic decks

A trip down memory lane.

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Hearthstone’s Classic Mode launched in February 2021, giving players a chance to revisit the game as it used to be at the time of release, similarly to WoW Classic. The player base’s collective experience across the years ensured all the good decks of the past were quickly rediscovered and the decklists have been rapidly refined, giving players easy access to the best decks in the format.

Miracle Rogue

This is the best deck in the format as long as you know how to play it well. Use Gadgetzan Auctioneer and Conceal to draw into one-turn-kill burst damage courtesy of Leeroy Jenkins, Shadowstep, Cold Blood and Eviscerate. Use some of the same tools against aggro decks to stay alive.


Combo Druid

Force of Nature + Savage Roar = 14 damage from hand. Force of Nature + Savage Roar + Innervate + Savage Roar = 21 damage from hand. You basically know everything you need to know about the deck now! Mulligan for Wild Growth, play strong cards on curve, and if anything sticks on the board, your combo finisher becomes all the more powerful. If the game goes long, Druids almost always get there.

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Zoo Warlock

This deck is much less aggressive than you might think at first sight. Its benefits come from the synergies between the low-cost minions: the extra stats that you can cheat out with the buffs serve as your tool to achieve board control. From then on, the low curve of your deck allows you to play two cards per turn with Life Tap, which is enough to keep up against most opposition. Doomguard and Soulfire serve as excellent bursts and if you managed to empty your hand the discard effect doesn’t even come into play.

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Midrange Shaman

Though it’s remembered as a ‘meh’ deck, it is surprisingly effective against the top dogs. Good matchups against Midrange Druid and Control Warrior are nothing to sniff at, and Hexes and Earth Shocks give you enough play against Handlocks. Miracle Rogue is a sad encounter, but you can still pull off victories with Bloodlust.

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Tap, tap, tap, play big Giants, taunt them up, and stay alive. Transition into Leeroy Jenkins-related finishers and the infinite value from Lord Jaraxxus if the game goes long. Surprisingly, this deck is not as good nowadays as it was revered back in the past, but it is still serviceable.

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Control Warrior

The original “ResidentSleeper” deck. Remove everything your opponent puts on the board and set up a finisher with Alexstrasza and an enraged Grommash Hellscream. The soul-crushing Miracle Rogue matchup really holds this deck back.

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