The best Hearthstone Brawliseum decks

These are your best bets to invest 1000 gold.

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Heroic Brawliseum is back in Hearthstone, bringing fans an Arena-like Standard Tavern Brawl with high stakes and a lot of adrenaline. Putting your 1000 gold where your mouth is can be a massive commitment, which is why you should take tried and tested decks into the format if you want to give it a go. Here are some successful streamer decks from the Brawliseum that are proven to be capable of going 12 wins in the right hands.

Thief Rogue

Sezoklo got this standard Thief Rogue deck to 12 wins. It is the most popular ladder deck for a reason thanks to its explosive starts and the added bit of trickery courtesy of Maestra of the Masquerade. Get an early board lead with discounted Wildpaw Gnolls, then never let it go.

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Mech Paladin

Another strong tempo deck and one of the best builds in the current Standard metagame, this particular list made it with 12-2 piloted by dragonriderdk. It features one Rustrot Viper as a tech tool to deal with fellow Lightforged Cariel enthusiasts and some Rogue shenanigans.

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Boar Priest

Yes, memes can sometimes be dreams, as proven by PocketTrain’s 12-0 run. Elwynn Boar Priest has been a surprisingly strong anti-control tool in the previous metagame as well, and you can outlast aggressive opposition with careful piloting—”careful” being the operative word. If you’ve only got one 1000-gold bullet in the chamber, a tempo deck is probably a safer idea.

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Burn Shaman

The latest Vicious Syndicate Meta Report tagged this deck as an underappreciated gem after the nerfs, despite the lack of adjustments made since the last time it was popular. It was good enough for McBanterFace to get to 12-1. Will it be enough for you?

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Naga Mage

One of the trickiest decks to play in the current format, you definitely need 200 IQ to pull off the big brain plays required to make this deck work. The synergies between Spitelash Siren and Commander Shivara are quite clear now for all of us—but when you don’t get the perfect draw, things suddenly get very difficult. This list, courtesy of CJKaka, made it to 12-1 in the Heroic Brawliseum.

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Code: AAECAf0EBLL3A9D5A/T8A6neBA3U6gPQ7AOu9wOogQT8ngSEsgSIsgS8sgSHtwSWtwTcuQThuQSywQQA

Big Beast Hunter

This archetype has only just emerged after the latest round of nerfs and buffs, giving you a competitive build based around cheating out King Krush, Mountain Bear, and Hydralodon. SuperiorDavid’s 12-2 build also features Ambassador Faelin to give you even more juice in the control matchups.

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