Test Your Knowledge with this Hearthstone Quiz! #3

Episode #1 Episode #2 Episode #3 Hearthstone Players welcome back again for the third episode of the Hearthstone Quiz! If you haven’t seen the previous episodes, you can check them out above. Each episode is going to feature 9 questions divided into 3 categories – Easy, Medium and Hard. It’s not perfect, because question difficulty might be subjective, […]

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Hearthstone Players welcome back again for the third episode of the Hearthstone Quiz! If you haven’t seen the previous episodes, you can check them out above.

Each episode is going to feature 9 questions divided into 3 categories – Easy, Medium and Hard. It’s not perfect, because question difficulty might be subjective, but we hope that everyone finds some challenges when doing the Quiz.

When it comes to the scoring, you can calculate your own points if you want. It’s not necessary, but if you want to see your score and compare it to other people, here is the deal. Easy questions are worth 2 points, Medium questions 3 points and Hard questions 4 points each! It means that in total, you can score up to 27 points. If the question has more than one part, you need to answer everything correctly to get the points.

We’ve also asked some the pro players from our Team HSP and our contributors to answer the questions, so you can you can compare your answers with theirs. This episode features Kabi, Sixis, Camzeee and HoarthIf you want to know more about the team, check out this page.

Let’s start with Hearthstone Quiz #3!

Difficulty: Easy

Question 1

Priest has Prophet Velen and Malygos on the board. He plays Holy Smite. How much damage it deals?


Kabi: 14

Sixis: 14 damage.

Camzeee: 14

Hoarth: 14

Answer: The Spell Power always applies before the Prophet Velen’s effect that doubles the damage. The basic damage of Holy Smite is 2, increased to 7 thanks to Malygos and then doubled to 14 by Prophet Velen.



Question 2

You play against a Mage who has Duplicate in play. You clear enemy board with AoE, destroying more than one minion. Which one gets Duplicated?

[spoiler title=”Answer to Question 2″]

Kabi: The one that was played first.

Sixis: The first to get in play.

Camzeee: The first one that was played

Hoarth: The first one that was played, also: if Mad Scientist was played and destroyed in a mass AOE, giving you Duplicate, the first minion played after Mad Scientist will be Duplicated (really useful interaction when playing Era’s style of mage).

Answer: The minion that was played first among the ones that are destroyed gets Duplicated. 



Question 3

Paladin has Repentance in play. Enemy Warlock plays Lord Jaraxxus. What happens?

[spoiler title=”Answer to Question 3″]

Kabi: 1 HP Jaraxxus Hero.

Sixis: Jaraxxus (hero) gets affected.

Camzeee: Jaraxxus is summoned and his health is reduced to 1 as the hero.

Hoarth: Jaraxxus is summoned as a hero with 1 HP.

Answer: One of the interactions that I was most surprised with when I’ve first played Hearthstone. Repentance actually affects Jaraxxus, and not only Repentance. If the Jaraxxus health becomes reduced before he becomes your Hero, his HP as a Hero will also be reduced. It means that if you play him into Repentance – you’re left with 1 health Hero (and that’s your max health, so you can’t heal yourself). If you play Jaraxxus into Snipe, you also get shot and your health is reduced to 11 (but this time it counts as damage, so you can still heal back to 15).


Difficulty: Medium

Question 4

You have Malorne with Ancestral Spirit on the board. What happens when it dies?


Kabi: Malorne goes to your deck, no resummon though, since Deathrattle triggers in order, it gets shuffled in deck, invalidating the Ancestral Spirit Deathrattle.

Sixis: One copy goes to the deck, one gets revived.

Camzeee: One is put into your deck, one is resummoned in play.

Hoarth: One is summoned, one is shuffled into the deck.

Answer: Ancestral Spirit works like this: it gives a minion additional Deathrattle that resummons it when it dies. But that’s the second Deathrattle Malorne has – the first one is that it is shuffled back into the deck. Deathrattles proc in order they were played – so if a minion has two Deathrattles on itself, the first one is procced first and only then the second one procs. The first Deathrattle procs, shuffling Malorne to the deck. Since he’s no longer a card on the board and he’s back in your deck, the second Deathrattle is invalid and can’t be procced. So, Ancestral Spirit on Malorne is pointless because it doesn’t work unless you Silence the Malorne’s original Deathrattle first.



Question 5

If your Loot Hoarder dies while you have three Baron Rivendares on the board, how many cards do you draw?


Kabi: Trigger twice =/= Trigger one more time, it just gives a special effect that doesn’t stack. You draw 2 cards

Sixis: Draw 2.

Camzeee: Two. Rivendare’s effect doesn’t stack.

Hoarth: 2

Answer: Baron Rivendare’s effect states that your Deathrattles trigger twice. It means that no matter how many copies of Rivendare you have, you’ll always draw 2 cards from Loot Hoarder. And just like the effect states – every other Deathrattle will trigger twice, even if you have 5 more Rivendares on the board.



Question 6

Warlock has Kel’Thuzad on the board. He uses Power Overwhelming on one of his minions, attacks enemy Hero and passes his turn (minion dies from the spell’s effect). Does it get resurrected by Kel’Thuzad?


Kabi: No.

Sixis: I think it doesn’t.

Camzeee: No. The effects hit in order. Since KT is on board first, the PO happens after, so KT will try to revive the minion first then the PO happens and it dies.

Hoarth: No.

Answer: Once again, it’s about the order. End of turn effects proc in the order they were played. Both Kel’Thuzad and Power Overwhelming have “end of turn” effect. So since the Kel’Thuzad was on the board first, his effect will proc first. The order is going to look like that. You pass the turn -> Kel’Thuzad resurrects everything it can -> Minion with Power Overwhelming dies -> It doesn’t get resurrected since the resurrect effect was already procced -> Minion dies and your turn ends. 


Difficulty: Hard

Question 7

The Warrior has some minions (with more than 1 health) on his side of the board while the opposing side is empty. He plays Commanding Shout and then Bouncing Blade. What happens?

[spoiler title=”Answer to Question 7″]

Kabi: Bouncing Blade leaves all at 1 hp.

Sixis: Every minion will go to 1 health and then Bouncing Blade finishes.

Camzeee: All the minions get set to 1 health and the spell ends.

Hoarth: Bouncing Blade leaves all the minions at 1.

Answer: That would be one of the ways to make an infinite loop, but it’s not possible. All the minions get damaged until they are left with 1 health and Bouncing Blade is resolved. However, it still means that all of your minions will be repeatedly hit by 1 damage until they are left with 1 health. It means that cards like Armorsmith, Frothing Berserker or Axe Flinger can potentially get a lot of value.



Question 8

You have 6 minions on the board and Cabal Shadow Priest in your hand. Enemy has an Oasis Snapjaw (or any other less than 3 attack minion) on the board. What happens when you try to steal it?

[spoiler title=”Answer to Question 8″]

Kabi: It dies.

Sixis: It’s destroyed.

Camzeee: It dies. It can’t fit on your board so it gets removed. Same with Sylvanas’ Deathrattle.

Hoarth: The minion thats stolen is destroyed.

Answer: You simply can’t use the Cabal Shadow Priest in that situation. It works similar to Mind Control – since you have to pick the target, if you have full board, you just can’t use it. Unlike another stealing effect – Mind Control Tech – which just destroys the stolen minion, Cabal Shadow Priest works differently. If you have 6 minions on the board and enemy has a valid target, the game won’t let you do that because it would mean you have 8 minions on the board. Those two minions (Cabal + stolen one) come as a “package” and can’t be treated separately. Just like you can’t use a minion when you already have 7 of them on the board. Mind Control Tech works another way. You play it as a single minion and THEN, when it’s already on the board, it steals the minion. So you could play it because the move was valid – the stolen minion (would be #8 on your board) wasn’t valid, though, and had to be destroyed. The game only checks for the validity at the time you play the card. For example – if you have 6 minions on the board and Violet Teacher is among them – you can actually target something with Mind Control because at the time you cast it, your board isn’t full. But when you do, Violet Teacher spawns a minion first, preventing the stolen minion from getting into your side of the board and the minion dies. The concept itself is pretty easy, but it’s hard to explain it.



Question 9

Paladin has Cobalt Guardian in play. Then he plays Faceless Manipulator to copy it. Which one gets Divine Shield – none, the original, the copy or both?


Kabi: I think… both get it?

Sixis: The first one.

Camzeee: The original gets Divine Shield.

Hoarth: The Original.

Answer: Both the original one and the copy get Divine Shield. However I’m not 100% sure about the process and how this interaction works. I guess the type of a minion is decided when Faceless comes into the board, but the final copy is decided only when the card is completely resolved. When you Faceless something with buffs, you can see Faceless copying the “normal” version first and only after the moment all of the card statuses (buffs, debuffs etc.) are applied. It might mean that Faceless becomes Cobalt Guardian, the original gets the Divine Shield, then Faceless copies all the status information from the original, which at this point has Divine Shield. Thus it results in both of them ending up with Divine Shield. But if someone has a more clear explanation, please let me know!



This episode was quite difficult. Some of the questions concerned mechanics and interactions you don’t see every day. But the more wrong answers you get, the more you’ve learned for the future!

Kabi: 23/27

Sixis: 16/27

Camzeee: 16/27

Hoarth: 16/27


Special thanks to modded – he was the author of question #9!

So, that’s it for the episode #3. Thank you guys for sticking with us. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode too. I encourage you to share your scores, questions and ideas in the comment section below 🙂

If you have any ideas for questions we can use in future, hit me up at [email protected] and if they aren’t on my list already, I’ll be sure to add them in future, giving you a credit for coming up with a question.