Tavern Brawl 1/27/2016

Hello fellow Hearthstone players and welcome to this week’s Tavern Brawl. Time to get started on this week’s Tavern Brawl. I have decided to change the name of the article to the date the Tavern Brawl comes out. This week is an interesting twist for Tavern Brawl. Today they came up with “Miniature Warfare”. That […]

Tavern Brawl 1/27/2016

Hello fellow Hearthstone players and welcome to this week’s Tavern Brawl. Time to get started on this week’s Tavern Brawl. I have decided to change the name of the article to the date the Tavern Brawl comes out.

Wednesday 1/20/2016

This week is an interesting twist for Tavern Brawl. Today they came up with “Miniature Warfare”. That pesky Shrinkmaster turned all your Hearthstone cards into toys! Now all your minions are 1/1 and only cost one mana. This is very interesting as far as deck building goes because for this Tavern Brawl you do build a deck. I won my first game with a Paladin deck built from scratch with secrets but also with minions.

deck list

I changed my deck to add surprise and added minions to take advantage of this week’s format. I am still calling it a secret Paladin deck, but I am running many different cards not normally ran in my experience. The deck has had a good win rate the first day going with above 60 percent win rate so far the first day. I am confident it will remain a high win rate but with some tweaks later in the week probably. I believe you can use any hero in this format and do well since all heroes can take advantage of minions especially class only minions. I will attempt all heroes and post my experiences on my favorites day by day as the week moves on.

Thursday 1/28/2016

Today is the second day of Tavern Brawl and I should see a wide variety of decks since the first is usually slower and the second day more players hit the Brawl in my opinion. I am starting with my secret Paladin deck but will switch to other characters as the day progresses. The majority opponents have faced so far have been Paladins going on yesterday. The biggest part of the results today has been win one lose one but a lot of that was due to my draws. I guess I would have to say card drawing weighs heavy on the productivity of this deck. I guess that is really what all decks really rely on, which is, what you draw each turn. Today I faced opponents that varied with no single standout that I faced a majority of. I still need to do work on my deck because changing all minions to 1/1’s with a one casting cost is a really complicated idea that plays into your deck. The combination of stalagg and feugen[card] work nice in this format as does [card]emperor Thaurissan for your non minion cards especially since he only costs one. The other great card in the Paladin deck is obviously tirion fordring for a quick start to a game, however his deathrattle did not produce the ashbringer so I will look at something else to replace him. The other great card in this format is consecration. I decided to try the chillmaw to see if his effect applies. baron gedden effects works as does alexstrasza. Gedden works against you however if you are hit with Alexstrasza doing two damage every turn. Since Tirion did not work I replaced it with Alexstrasza. So for me today the battlecry’s worked but the deathrattle effects did not work, I am not sure why but I will investigate my error in judgement. I am confused why deathrattle does not work but battlecry does work. OK on the next game with Tirion his deathrattle did work, what am I missing? Alexstrasza on turn is really powerful so far in this format and so is coining Stalagg and Feugen on your first turn so silence turns out very useful here to. The Mage hero does extremely well in this format which I am 50 percent win against Mage’s , but the rest I am over 70 percent win rate with this Paladin deck I built and continue to modify. I will post the latest version of my paladin deck today with the article. I am amazed at the amount of conceded games so far as the game can turn very quickly depending on card draws for both players. I believe should not concede in this format unless you see lethal because thinking your behind is not necessarily true. Hang in there and play it out, because from my experiences today you can pull it out even if they get you way down in the beginning. I have been down to less than ten and the opponent at 30 and managed a win in the end. The Mage has been the worst matchup with spell damage, Malygos, and spells that can lead to a quick death. You have the option if seeing a lot of Mage’s to do a Reno deck or a healing deck based on the Paladin. I have beat Mage’s 50 percent of the time so I not going to go healing as of yet. I decided to take out Baron Gedden for Nefarian due to Gedden killing me a few time times.

I am starting to think maybe a deck of nothing but Legendaries with some healing but the fact that they all cost one to cast. I see this as similar to General Drakkisath in solo adventures. I will build and try a deck I normally do for the general with a Warrior and see how its does. The Paladin I have been running has over 60 percent win rate but I am thinking a Warrior General deck may net a higher win rate. The only hero I have failed to beat so far is the Warlock. I think it’s mainly due to starting hands but none the less it is what it is. I am over 60 percent win rate still but I think my nemesis is the Warlock. The only other nemesis out of the heroes is the Priest.

I have beat a Priest and the Warlock but they have a high win rate against me. I will stay with the Paladin after all the analysis I have done.

Parting Thoughts

The new Tavern Brawl has been interesting to say the least. I made more changes to my deck than any other Tavern Brawl to date. I have found that even if you are far behind in the beginning that you can still pull out the win. Don not assume you have lost early in the game as fortunes can change in one turn. The key is to keep your head in the game and know your deck. I assure you the tide can change in one turn. Do not give up early. That is my latest opinions on this week’s Tavern Brawl. Feel free to comment and ask questions. I have played over 50 Tavern Brawl games in the last two days and I think I have a good insight on the format. Look for my next week’s articles on Tavern Brawl and my other article on this week in Hearthstone. I have to ask that you consider subscribing to a premium membership on Hearthstone players dot com as it is well worth the investment to see everything before others can view it. A day in information in advance goes along way. For the most part the matches were fairly quick as I stated I ran into alot of conceeded matches. I personally do not concede until I see lethal on the board. I realize just because you see it does not mean your opponent does. I suggest stay in there until the last moment. You never know, players get distracted, and just because you see end game doesnt mean they do. Peace out from Texas where we are in the 70’s the rest of the week.