Taunt Druid is one of the Witchwood’s most fun decks so far

Hadranox finally has a home.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hadranox was a card that has seen only limited play since it was released in Knights of the Frozen Throne.

It’s powerful in a vacuum, resummoning every one of your Taunt minions that died that game is great. But the 3/7 body for nine mana just wasn’t good enough to hang around.

That appears to have changed in this early favorite from the new Witchwood meta thanks to some new cards and a bit of good old fashioned cheese.

The key card in this new deck is Witching Hour. For three mana, the card revives a friendly beast that died this game. Take a look at the list—that’s only Hadranox. So if one Hadranox board gets cleared, you can make two more.

But what if three isn’t enough? Well, the deck has a pair of Carnivorous Cubes. Those are particularly effective to activate a Hadranox that’s been brought back from Witching Hour for a huge eight mana swing. Master Oakheart is also in the deck—if your Hadranox is refusing to come out to play, just pull him out with Recruit.

The deck doesn’t go overboard with Taunts. The Lich King is the big hitter, but there’s also a pair of Primordial Drakes at the top end. Rotten Applebaum is a decent option with health regeneration too. Ironwood Golems will also be revived by Hadranox, but that card also exists for Oaken Summons as a powerful early game combination. This deck works mostly by restricting potentially random cards to small variance or even guaranteed results.

According to HSReplay, this deck is sitting at just over 50 percent winrate. That’s not great for climbing, but it does mean it’s got a decent power level. More importantly it’s fun as hell—so when you get bored of aggressive Paladin decks, give this one a try.