Standard Power Rankings – Episode 2

So I heard you guys liked my Power Rankings, so I am here to make the second edition of it! Today we have a very different version from the one we had last time. I am going to try and make this a weekly thing, and since that happens we’ll have to make some changes […]


So I heard you guys liked my Power Rankings, so I am here to make the second edition of it!

Today we have a very different version from the one we had last time. I am going to try and make this a weekly thing, and since that happens we’ll have to make some changes to this Power Rankings – From now onwards, we’ll be having the entire Standard Card Base (unless on a expansion release week) as our base to project our Power Rankings.

In case you didn’t see our last Power Rankings, I am basing myself on Channelfireball’s Power Rankings, which is basically an article that ranks the current available cards from 1 to 10, based on their impact on the game, explaining the card’s role in shaping the metagame.

So, with all that information said, we’ll start this one article 😀

Rank 1 – Doomsayer

It feels so strange to have this card as the best card in the game right now, but I have to say that Doomsayer is, without a doubt, the single best card in the game.

And why would that be? The card is just insane, and now that we had a global nerf to Silence (ironbeak-owl nerf) Doomsayer became that much powerful. This implies in him making an appearance in nearly every Control deck from Warriors, Mages, Warlocks, Paladins and even Priests – if you are making a Control or a Reno deck, you are going to be playing Doomsayer.

No, the end is not coming, actually, it is just the beginning! But yes, Doomsayer is indeed our best card in the game this week!

Rank 2 – N’Zoth the Corruptor

So apparently nzoth-the-corruptor took C’Thun’s place in our Power Rankings and is now the second best card in the game. It is comparable to Doomsayer in its metagame defining-ability, but there are two things that differ from Doomsayer when talking about this card:

  1. it defines the decks it is played upon, this would have been a reason to make N’Zoth the best card in the game right now, if not for the second difference.
  2. It shows up in a lot less decks than Doomsayer, since Doomsayer is basically making an appearance in every control deck in the game.

Still, despite not being in every day, N’Zoth is still a powerhouse, and people are building a lot of powerful decks around it. We are still seeing many different lists, as people are still experimenting with WOG cards, but up until this very moment, Paladins (mainly) and Priests are the most played versions of N’Zoth Control decks, while there haven’t been many Midrange versions played at the top level.

Rank 3 – Tunnel Trogg

There hasn’t been any Powerful Shaman deck so far that would not run Tunnel Trogg. The card itself is the reason Shaman is so powerful right now – it allows the deck for a very powerful start than can snowball into something unstoppable.

Tunnel Trogg was first introduced in League of Explorers and back then, the only possible Shaman strategy was Face Shaman, but now with the WOG additions the deck itself seems to have gained a lot of strength, and while it is still uncertain which Shaman build is the best and how to build is the best way, it is sure that Tunnel Trogg is to play a major role in it, regardless of build, and Since Shaman is indeed the strongest class in the game right now, Tunnel Trogg takes our standings as the 3rd best card in the game.

Rank 4 – Reno Jackson

Talking about meta-defining cards, we have a card that brought whole archetypes to life and is still shaping the metagame for two whole expansions!

Reno Jackson still pull a lot of punches, and not only on the almighty Renolock, the card is still making its appearance in a lot of other Classes as Reno Mage took #1 Legend not a week ago and is still my deck of choice for Laddering.

But back to the strongest strategy revolving around the card, Renolock is still a powerful deck, and despite having lost a lot of its early game defenses with the format rotation, it gained some pretty cool cards, and the final version of this deck is still to be shown up to us, as people experiment thousands of different versions both in Tournament scene and in Ladder.

Reno Jackson takes the 4th spot of this week’s Power Rankings.

Ragnaros the Firelord

And our last, but not least, commented top card is ragnaros-the-firelord. The card has been shaking the Metagame like never before and is being used in almost all Control decks in the game right now together with Doomsayer.

Different from our preaching friend, Ragnaros isn’t an auto-include in every Control deck, but rather a Tech up until this very moment.

Since the downfall of big-game-hunter Ragnaros has only risen in popularity, and if I am not mistaken it should be even more popular with time, as people realise more and more how hard it is to deal with such a massive minion, that even when dealt with, has already caused some impact on the game, as the card’s ability procs in the end of your turn.

When making a deck, always have Ragnaros in mind, as it can literally be teched into any Midrange or Control deck in the game right now.

Ranks 6 through 10

6 – leeroy-jenkins.

7 – gadgetzan-auctioneer.

8 – acolyte-of-pain.

9 – harrison-jones.

10 – sylvanas-windrunner.


This week’s power rankings were based upon the whole Standard card base rather than the Expansion-only cards. What did you think of it? Do you prefer me making a Power Rankings of only expansion-related cards or are you happy with our Power Rankings the way it is right now?

Let me know your thoughts in our comments! 😀

Love you guys, see you around in our next article!