Potential Jade Druid counter added to Knights of the Frozen Throne

There's a new Priest minion, too.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Jade Druid has been one of the strongest decks in the Un’Goro meta, and players have been crying out for a card to answer it.

Now they might finally have that card, after a reveal from Japan this morning.

Hearthstone game designer Mike Donais teased this card heavily, stating that there would be a Jade counter being revealed in Japan. Skulking Geist appears to be that card.

So what does it do? By destroying one mana spells, it attacks the greediest Jade Druids who continually cycle Jade Idol. As a Jade Druid if you fill your deck with Jade Idols, your late game can become completely unstoppable.

It also attacks cards like Soulfire, Whirlwind, and all those super high-value Paladin secrets.

Priest also gets another minion for the set, continue the Shadow Priest flavor in Knights of the Frozen Throne.

This is a minion which could obviously be very powerful if it sticks to the board. But if it only goes off once it’s two mana for 3/3 of stats—that’s not particularly mindblowing. Especially in a situation where you haven’t got something on board already, and don’t get the buff to go off.