Shield of Honor, Coerce, and Reaper’s Scythe join Hearthstone in Scholomance Academy expansion

The Warrior and Paladin dual-class card covers the buff and damage identities of both classes.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

During the showmatch in today’s Hearthstone reveal stream for Scholomance Academy, Blizzard revealed a ton of cards coming in the game’s next expansion. Three of the latest reveals are Shield of Honor, Coerce, and Reaper’s Scythe.

Shield of Honor is a common Paladin Warrior dual-class spell that costs one mana and gives a damaged minion Divine Shield and +3 Attack. Coerce is a rare Rogue Warrior dual-class spell that costs three mana and can destroy any damaged minion or destroy any minion instead if you can combo it. Reaper’s Scythe is a rare Warrior weapon that costs four mana. It has 4/2 in stats and a Spellburst effect that lets you also damage adjacent minions to the one you attacked this turn.

Shield of Honor is an insanely powerful buff card since it can provide immense damage for one mana, comparable to Paladin’s Blessing of Might, as well as Divine Shield as added protection for one of your damaged minions. The potency of this card will be immense for any midrange or aggressive Paladin or Warrior list. If Guardian Augmerchant is anything to show, a Divine Shield at a key moment can give a wounded minion a longer lease on life to deal more damage.

Coerce can be considered either a more expensive Execute or a cheaper Assassinate if you can combo it. While Warrior may not find a use for this since their removal options are plentiful, Rogue may enjoy this as a cheap spot removal that can either finish off a wounded enemy or just clear any large minion if you can use it after playing any other card for the turn.

Reaper’s Scythe is another 4/2 weapon that can threaten a ton of removal the turn after you play it. While it may require a bit more set up than Warrior’s Death’s Bite from Curse of Naxxramas due to needing a spell to be cast to gain its effect for the turn, it can threaten to clear taller boards due to its effect being a cleave.

Hearthstone’s Scholomance Academy will go live on Aug. 6.