Shamans get more Murlocs and Warlocks get more death as card reveals continue

Each class is getting more cards for their respective theme.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Shaman and Warlock have each received a new class card, continuing with longstanding themes of the class.

While much of Knights of the Frozen Throne has been about providing new ways to play a class, sometimes its good to rely on existing identity for the new cards.

Unwilling Sacrifice is a very familiar mechanic to anyone who has ever played Warlock. Whether it’s Corruption, or Power Overwhelming, or even cards like DOOM!, there are a ton of ways to kill stuff.

But is this one good enough? Unlike cards like Corruption, you don’t have to wait a turn. You can kill an opponent’s minion straight away. But it’s random—meaning you might not be able to kill the minion you want. You also have to sacrifice one of your own, meaning having something you don’t mind being killed.

Meanwhile, Shamans are getting yet another Murloc. With the Shaman Quest card from Journey to Un’Goro, and the plethora of other Murloc cards in the class, the fishy little things are now a key part of the class’ identity.

But this Murloc also pushes a new characteristic for Frozen Throne—Freeze.

The card, adorably called Brrrloc, freezes an enemy as its Battlecry. The two mana 2/2 shape is a little underwhelming, especially when Glacial Shard exists as a one mana 2/1 with the same effect. But Blizzard will be hoping the Murloc synergy is enough to see this card get some play.

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