Several Hearthstone cards having nerfs reverted later this month

Blizzard is swinging the reverse nerf hammer.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A variety of Hearthstone cards are set to have their nerfs reverted later this month. That means some players’ old favorites will be returning to their former glory.

Hearthstone senior game designer Alec Dawson explained in a series of tweets today that the nerf reverts will be happening when Patch 20.0 goes live later this month and before the debut of Forged in the Barrens.

Dawson outlined the cards that fans can expect to be reverted coming from the Druid (Keeper of the Grove and Ancient of War), Hunter (Starving Buzzard, Flare, Dinotamer Brann, and Hunter’s Mark), and Mage (Mana Wyrm, Conjurer’s Calling, and Dragoncaster) classes. Additionally, Dawson said players shouldn’t expect to see any reverts for Demon Hunter. Since the Demon Hunter class joined Hearthstone with Ashes of Outland, it’s been continually nerfed.

Dawson expects these card changes to lead to an interesting meta for a short period of time and further expanded on why the reverts will be taking place. He also spoke on the positive impact that these reverts could have on the Wild environment because they’ll allow players to try out old decks in their pre-nerf form.

Given the way Dawson worded his tweet, it seems like Hearthstone fans can probably expect other classes to receive nerf reverts as well. One thing is for certain, though. As Dawson said, the period of time after the reverts take place and before Forged in the Barrens goes live will be interesting.

You can expect the nerf reverts to go live later this month.