The Rogue Death Knight card has been revealed

Get ready to copy some spells.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Death Knights are the most exciting part of Hearthstone’s next expansion—and now Rogue players can get in on the action too.

Each class will receive one Hero card, a new type of card for the set.

As with all of the Hero cards it comes with a little bit of armor for your hero, as well as a Battlecry. This one gives Valeera Stealth for a turn. That means your hero can’t be attacked directly, but can be hit with cards that don’t target like Mind Blast and the basic Hunter hero power.

But what is really crazy about this card is the hero power.

The hero power gives you a Shadow Reflection during your turn. You can only have one Shadow Reflection in your hand at a time.

Let’s be honest—from there it gets a little complicated.

The Shadow Reflection will transform into a copy of the card you played last. You can then play the copy, but it won’t benefit from any mana reduction or anything like that. Preparation won’t work, and if you copy a discounted card the copy will have the base mana cost of the card it copied.

The copy will also disappear at the end of the turn, so you can’t hold them over. That means that it only really works within the limitations of your mana. Generally that means five mana, but you could for example Prep a six mana spell and then play the copy.

Blizzard gave Janne “Savjz” Mikkonen the job of revealing the card, and his video makes things a little more clear.