Reynad comes back from -1, scores the ultimate come-from-behind-win

We've all been there

We’ve all been there. Though Goblins vs Gnomes has slowed the scourge of the Hunter on ladder, it has by no means killed it off. The Undertaker and Mad Scientist-fueled deck can still take you from zero to dead in around half a dozen turns. For a long time, it was kill or be killed—you either played as the Hunter, or the hunted.

Though the Hunter has become significantly less prevalent in ranked play, it sees quite a bit of play in tournaments as it still has very few counters. It can lead to very frustrating games.

It isn’t just you and I who suffer from this frustration—pro players have to deal with it too.

Playing in this week’s ESL Legendary Series, Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk found himself in just such a predicament. Faced with a Hunter who drew pretty well and was quite effectively running him over, Yanyuk, who has made a streaming career out of being “salty,” was getting a bit down.

And then this happened.

Down to just five health, Yanyuk is resigned to his fate—likely a Kill Command to the face. But it never comes. Even with a weapon and secrets in play, his opponent is unable to deliver the killing blow thanks to Yanyuk’s Tirion. With a Dr Boom now down, Yanyuk prays for a Lay on Hands to heal him, but instead gets a Truesilver Champion.

Now down to one health after two more turns of the Hunter’s hero power, Yanyuk uses the Truesilver to pop the explosive trap of his opponent. This briefly takes him to -1 health, but the healing from the sword keeps him barely alive. With one Boom Bot remaining, triggered by the trap, Reynad wins a one-in-three roll that sees the explosion go to face, giving him exact lethal and the ultimate come from behind victory.

“Fuck you golden Hunter, suck these nuts,” summing up his feelings in perhaps the most eloquent way possible. 

Photo via DreamHack/Flickr