Rexxar’s Chapter is now live in Hearthstone’s Book of Heroes

This chapter should be beastly.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The second chapter in Hearthstone’s new Book of Heroes solo series has arrived.

In this chapter, players will experience the tale of one of Azeroth’s greatest Hunters, Rexxar.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Rexxar’s chapter in the Book of Heroes joins Hearthstone today as part of this year’s Hallow’s End festivities. Rexxar was revealed as the Hero for chapter two alongside the announcement of Hearthstone’s Masquerade Ball event. Now that Rexxar’s chapter has arrived, players can complete the final quest in the Legendary chain that was also introduced with the Masquerade Ball.

To complete the final quest, players will need to defeat Leoroxx in Rexxar’s Book of Heroes. Doing so will net you a Saviors of Uldum card pack, a Scholomance Academy card pack, and a Year of the Dragon card pack. Cards included in the Year of the Dragon pack will all be playable in Standard.

Those aren’t the only card packs coming with Rexxar, however. Similar to Jaina’s debut with chapter one, Rexxar’s chapter goes live alongside a new pack and portrait bundle. For $9.99, players can purchase a new Rexxar Hero Portrait, as well as five Hunter card packs. These packs will contain Hunter cards, all of which are playable in Standard.

Unlike the Jaina portrait that joined Hearthstone with chapter one, Rexxar’s new portrait will actually include new emotes. Players were dissatisfied with the Jaina portrait due to the lack of unique voice lines. As a result, Blizzard pledged to fix the issue starting with Rexxar.

You can log in to Hearthstone right now to experience the exciting story of Rexxar, the greatest Hunter Azeroth has ever known.