Quest for the Perfect Paladin: A new Aproach!

I continue my search for the perfect Paladin deck! Only recently I decided to go for the Tempo aproach with Paladin, so let's take a closer look!


Most of you who follow me here other websites may have seen that I joined a quest to make a viable and Consistent Paladin deck, and its taken me a lot of hard work to make it happen. Paladin has always been a problematic class given the fact it has zero early  game consistency whatsoever regarding class cards, and it has to rely on inconsistent mid game combos in order to stay in the game while having a very strong and consistent late game.

Only recently I decided to go for the Tempo approach with Paladin, I realized paladin has plenty of ways to protect the minions on the board from the mid to the late game, such as Truesilver Champion and Consecration. However, as said before, the ways Paladin has to take control of the board are lacking, given the fact of its weak early game. Naxxramas came to us with a new purpose, a consistent and strong early game composed of neutral minions that have been seeing a lot of play in many different classes and I decided to try to add that play style to Paladin itself.

Building the Deck itself

First, let us name a few inconsistent cards that are used on today’s Paladin control decks:

  • Stampeding Kodo
  • Wild Pyromancer
  • Acolyte of Pain
  • Holy Light
  • Humility

All of these cards either require a very rare situation to work, or require another card in order to obtain the desired effect from it.

With Naxxramas, Paladin only became weaker, its mass removal became even worse against aggro because now they run tons of persistent Deathrattle Minions. Control Paladins also got no Naxxramas bonus whatsoever outside from the put-in-all-decks sludge-belchers and loatheb all-star cards.

Adding the Naxxramas Deathrattle core was a really hard decision to make, and a bold one too. I had to take away many cards that were considered core to the Paladin decks in order to obtain consistency, but once I started playtesting I instantly knew the choices were correct.

I made this deck to be a consistent version of the Paladin Control deck. It still runs all the consistent cards the standard Control Paladin runs, but instead of having inconsistent cards to obtain Tempo, board control and card advantage, I decided to take a different approach. This deck does not run the unreliable combos Pyro+Equality and Kodo+Peacekeeper, but I decided to keep the consistent part of these combos because you can simply kill the Equality’d minion with your own small minions (since you’ll probably have a few in the board regardless of game state) and the Peacekeeper is good enough to justify being played regardless of Kodo.

Nuba, tell us more about the deck!

The way you should play the deck, as tipped before, is to Control the board and overcome the game with minions, be it with the strong late game Paladins tend to have, or be it with the Natural strength of the Naxxramas Deathrattle Themed cards.

Keep in mind this deck is still a prototype, I am still playtesting it and upgrading it, but currently the results have been better than the standard Control Paladin which even tho it was Legend viable, it was not that great.

This deck already consistently beat Hunters and other Aggro decks because of its nature while holding its ground against Control decks with Paladin’s oppressive late game, in the other hand I still don’t know its limits, so they might not be too high but they can also be too good, it’s up to you to test it and take your own considerations!


This deck had pretty random results, I am still playtesting it and I don’t have a lot of data to work with, the season also just started and I am still grinding in the ladder, so I can’t tell the perfect results, I had a win streak of 10 games, followed by a loss streak of 7 games, then a win and a loss. This is where I need you to help me with this! Playtest this deck with me, give me your feedback and if you found any good change on it that I did not spotted so far!


This is just another step in the Quest for the Perfect Paladin, this deck will for sure get updated in the future, be it by me or other players.

I hope you all liked my work, I am not going into details here about how to play the deck in each and every specific matchup because by now it might be too repetitive to read how to play your Deathrattle themed deck, and I know you have read this too many times already!

So, this is it for tonight, I hope you all had a nice read, see ya!