Puzzle Time! #12 – 28 Years Bad Luck

Interested in improving your skill to spot lethal [damage] given a board state? Check out this week's edition of Puzzle Time!

Hello hello, MrShine here with another video from my puzzle series! The main puzzle above was pulled from a forum post made by MrPuzzle. There are actually a few ways this puzzle can be optimized; I was able to find exact lethal here, but can you spot a way to deal one extra damage? Better yet, can you do the puzzle with 8 mana instead of 10? It can be done!

The same rules apply for this puzzles as before: try to spot the play that kills the opponent this turn!

Some tips before proceeding:


Many of these puzzles require a lot of thought to discover the solutions, so don’t be ashamed if you need to pause the video for a bit. There is almost no chance I would be able to solve these in the 90 seconds allotted during an actual game, and I doubt there are many out there who could. Instead, pause the video when the cards are up, and try to think critically through the possible outcomes. Every 10 seconds or so I reveal another hint, so you’ll have a bit of time before deciding if you want to get some extra help or if you’d rather pause without reading the hints.

Ties Don’t Count!

We aren’t playing to tie, we’re playing to WIN! And we can! Each puzzle has a solution that leaves us the sole winner, you’ll just need to dig a bit to find it sometimes.

Don’t Leave it to Chance

Sometimes puzzles have a solution if you get lucky, but we aren’t considering those valid because they won’t work every time. Each puzzle listed here has a solution that will ALWAYS work, and that’s the one you should be looking for. Same thing with card draw – unless the puzzle explicitly says what you have left in your deck, you can’t expect to top-deck the answer.

Bonus Videos!

Only one puzzle video this week, but I can make it up to you with some short clips. If you’ve seen some of my other videos you’ll know I’m a big fan of the arena. Sometimes, it can be frustrating. Sometimes, it can be MADDENING! However if you ever feel on the verge of losing your cool after your opponent top-decks the perfect answer (again), then watch these and relax knowing there’s no way you’re ever going to get as unlucky!

Help MrShine Create More Puzzles!

There’s a great puzzle-maker available that you can use to make your very own puzzles! Since I plan on making more of these videos I could use your help crafting some new ones. Comment below with a puzzle you’ve made or shoot me an email at [email protected]. If I like it, you may see it in a future video of mine! I’ll always give the maker credit in the videos. 🙂

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