How Does a Pro Player Think?

After hitting Top 5 Legend Rank, for today's article I am going to introduce you guys to how a pro players mind work.


Hello gentlemen and gentlewomen, in todays article I am going to introduce you guys to how a pro players mind work. I intend to explain to you the process of being a professional Hearthstone player, so get yourselves ready!

You often ask yourself what does that player has that you do not to obtain better results. How is he winning a lot more games than you are? Is that blind luck? Is it just that he’s got better cards? Is it just the RNG of the game making its work over and over again? Well, we are about to find out!

The Process of Thinking


Knowledge is not just a tool, it’s a weapon! The experienced player not only knows all the cards in the game and its interactions, he is connected to the metagame, he is always in touch with all the playable decks on the meta, how they work and how to counter them. Analyzing the metagame before you start playing your Legendary Ladder games is very important, never forget that!

Being able to Analyze the Plays

Another important topic. A Pro player always analyzes all the plays, and is capable of deciding which one, amongst all the plays, is the most valuable. The ability to analyze the best play requires the knowledge not only of your deck, but your opponent’s deck as well.

The Ability to Predict Cards

Maybe the most important point of all is the way the Pro player sees the movement on the board. The way your opponent plays his cards often tells you much about what he’s got in his hand, and a Pro Player is often able to predict these cards. Have you noticed how these abilities form a chain of development?

Playing Around Cards and Preparing for the Worst

So, knowing your opponent often tells you much about his hand, the way he plays shows you the cards he possibly has in his hand, but then what? The Pro player proceeds to play around the best possible outcome (if possible) for the opponent, trying to disrupt that play and in case it comes, he still is in good shape, and if it doesn’t, it can tell even more about the cards in his hand. Only after developing all the abilities said before this you are going to be able to do this.

Notice that this chain of thought often favors Control players much, which is mostly the reason why Control is brought more to tournaments: being in control of the match course is a lot more important than having RNG based decks such as aggros.

The most experienced players are often able to Control not only their plays, but the opponents, forcing them to play the way you want rather than the way he wants is very crucial and gives you a strong edge on the games outcome.


I would also like to mention how important deck building skills is on the High end Legendary Ladder. The best of the players are often able to build their own different and effective deck, and that deck often brings them very high on the Ladder, sometimes even #1 Legend simply because the plays can not be predicted. When playing on the high-end of the Legendary Ladder you are playing against players that are as good as you are, meaning sometimes outplaying them doesn’t work. So, excluding counterdecks, the safest way to win a high-end Ladder match is being unpredictable, and what better way of doing so than having your own different deck.

This is mostly the reason why whenever a player his #1 Legend with a deck and post it, other players (even if as good as that player) wont be able to do so, because the deck becomes predictable once it becomes known.


So this is how the mind of a Professional Hearthstone player works!

Writing this was most pleasing, and I hope everybody was able to understand a little more about how Hearthstone High end thinking and plays work!

See you guys on the next article!

Love you all,