Pre-release events for Hearthstone’s Saviors of Uldum expansion have arrived

Are you trying to open those packs early?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Arguably the most exciting part of a new Hearthstone expansion is getting to bust open your card packs. From now until Aug. 5, you can open packs early and more by attending a Saviors of Uldum pre-release event. And it might be easier than you think.

Blizzard decided to make pre-release events more accessible by no longer labeling them as limited events. Now anyone can host a pre-release party no matter what the occasion may be. Some examples of potential pre-release hosts given by Blizzard include a college student or campus organizer, an established innkeeper, or someone who just wants to have an exciting weekend with their family and friends. You can take the steps to set up your own pre-release party by heading over to

Opening packs ahead of time isn’t the only thing you get to do at pre-release events, either. Players will also be able to participate in two different Brawls. The Saviors of Uldum: No Cards Barred Brawl will allow players to construct decks using the cards that they open during the pre-release event. This Brawl has no restrictions on class or duplicates, so you can literally run anything you want.

The other featured Brawl is called Uldumonium. This is a preconstructed Brawl where you’ll have the chance to take a few Saviors of Uldum decks for a spin. Players who haven’t purchased packs will still be able to participate in Uldumonium.

If you and your friends aren’t up to hosting a pre-release event, you also have the option of attending one at a Microsoft store. Players will be able to find Fireside Gatherings at Microsoft Store locations all across North America. You can check out a list of scheduled events on the official Fireside Gatherings website.