Powder leaves ManaLight

Three months after the team's formation, ManaLight's star player is on the move

Three months after the team’s formation, ManaLight’s star player is on the move.

Harald “Powder” Gimre, who was the centrepiece of the team’s initial lineup, is leaving the ManaLight organization for new pastures.

The team announced that Gimre would be be leaving the team by mutual agreement late last night. The Daily Dot understands that Gimre will join another team in the near future.

If he signs with his new team before the end of the year, Gimre will have played for four different teams in 2015. Starting the year on IHEARTHU before leaving over salary, Gimre then signed for the ill fated Trig Esports organization. After three months of unpaid salary, Gimre and teammates Jan “Faramir” Engelmann and Daniel “DTwo” Ikuta walked out of their contracts.

Despite this, Gimre has had a very successful 2015 with six top placings, including coming second in the GIGACON Prime and Assembly Summer tournaments and reaching the top four of the Gfinity Spring Masters and DreamHack Bucharest.

With the departure of Gimre, the ManaLight roster is almost entirely changed from its launch in September. Bertil “Frezzar” Fall and Juho “Ersee” Hyödynmaa have also left the team in recent months, while Josh “Impact” Graham and Alex “Raven” Baugley have joined. William “Modernleper” Bindloss is the only player remaining from the initial squad.

Image via Gfinity/Flickr