Check out this awesome Polymorph Boar one-turn kill

It's certainly inventive.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

There are many ways to play Hearthstone.

Some people are committed to the ladder grind. They play the best decks, and try and reach the highest rank in legend they can. Others are deck builders, who like to try to find new and powerful strategies to counteract the meta.

Others are crazy mad scientists, simply living for insane moments. “HysteriA” is one of those guys.

Alongside his very popular Hearthstone Mythbusters series, HysteriA has a singular focus for his videos—one-turn kills.

The latest clip of his to get big attention features a Hearthstone card that isn’t seen all that often, Polymorph Boar. It turns any minion into a 4/2 Boar with Charge—effectively a Huffer by any other name. That means it can be used defensively to remove a big threat, or offensively to create extra burst.

Or in this case, both ways.

Thanks to two ticks from Emperor Thaurissan (which means this isn’t a true one-turn kill), HysteriA can play all the cards to make this work. He starts with a Sorcerer’s Apprentice, which is free thanks to the Thaurissan, and two Djinni of Zephyrs. Next a pair of Molten Reflections creates six Djinnis—the Djinni effect just doubles the spell’s effect.

Djinni of Zephyrs duplicates any spell you cast on a minion, casting a copy on the Djinni. Now all HysteriA needs to do is cast Polymorph Boar on his Sorcerer’s Apprentice to get a full board of charging 4/2s.

But wait! There’s a Lich King in the way. No problem—HysteriA has another Polymorph Boar for that too.

HysteriA’s YouTube channel is filled with awesome OTK videos, as well as this recent video exploring some crazy possibilities with Defile.