Play Now! Some of the Latest Legend TGT Lists Updated!

Well well and how are those lists evolving! This past week we’ve had quite a lot of excitement, the decks are getting better and better and while it is very hard looking around in the interwebs for the better versions of the decks you know and love, uncle Nuba is here to suppress that feeling […]


Well well and how are those lists evolving!

This past week we’ve had quite a lot of excitement, the decks are getting better and better and while it is very hard looking around in the interwebs for the better versions of the decks you know and love, uncle Nuba is here to suppress that feeling by providing you the best updated Decklists in the market!

Just as informational purposes, these decklists are all very powerful lists that either did very well on recent tournaments, or got to a very strong Legendary position on the ladder, none of the lists below are randomly thrown together, and all were tested a lot before these versions were posted.

I did small changes – all to my own personal liking – to the actual lists, and the changes I made were posted in italic after every deck’s explanation! I hope that isn’t a nuisance for anyone reading this article.

Dragon Priest

This week, the professional player from C9: Kolento, came up with a very powerful Dragon Priest list. I believe his version is strong enough that Dragon Priests can now be considered to be a Tier-1 Deck on the ladder together with Secret Paladin and Patron Warrior.

Basically this list focus a lot more on Controlling the board than previous list, but at the same time this list has the Priest’s strong tools to deal with Midrange threats as well as late game threats. This list doesn’t run inconsistent and weak cards such as holy-smite probably because they are undervalued in a lot of matches which can make them a bad draw. Instead, Kolento decided to go for the shrinkmeister+cabal-shadow-priest combo, which is good both alone and together. The fact this list runs a lot of Early and Mid-game minions makes it so Shrinkmeister doesn’t necessarily needs to combo with the Cabal to become good, and just being used to make good trades makes this minion good enough.

This list heavily relies on shadow-word-death and voljin to deal with bigger threats, and runs no lightbomb. While this might seem odd at first glance, it is extremely effective, given how Aggressive the ladder became with all those Secretdins around.

As in personal preference, I swapped one of the Dark Cultists for a copy of eydis-darkbane.

Midrange Druid

Combo Druid also evolved a lot from last week. This week, top players on the ladder decided to adopt savage-combatant as a core of the deck. the 4-Ramp strategy (dual-wild-growth combined with dual-darnassus-aspirant) was decided to be the best possible, even for the most aggressive of the Druid decks.

This list also still runs a single copy of shade-of-naxxramas, because while we will be ramping most of the times, it is still good to have a 3-drop for whatever situation we need to play one.

Living Roots can both be used to put small minions on the board to fight early aggression, to kill weenies, or to deal extra damage combined with the savage-roar+force-of-nature combo. Since most players will be playing around 14-damage combo, being able to deal 16 instead is a real bonus.

Everything else about this list is standard Midrange Druid, but I believe these changes are good enough to make the deck more aggressive than before – a lot more!

As in personal preference, I swapped the azure-drake for harrison-jones.

Midrange Shaman

The Shaman deck was one of the decks that changed the most. earth-shock became once again a must in all Shaman decks given the Secretdin popularity and how strong the card is against such deck.

Given the aggressiveness of the ladder, sludge-belcher and alakir-the-windlord also came back to the Deck’s core. Given how good the Shaman lists are being in holding control over the board, lightning-storm became more of a luxury than anything else, and having 2 in your hand most of the times is just too bad, which means it is still good to only run a single copy of it – This is my personal opinion on the matter, in case you feel like you need 2 storms, feel free to replace either the feral-spirit or the big-game-hunter for it, but I highly recommend you not doing so.

As in personal Preference, I swapped the second copy of lightning-storm for the big-game-hunter.


Probably the strongest deck in the ladder right now, this is the latest version of Secretdin (and probably the most consistent one too!). Updated by Nihilum-RDU, this seems to be the most common version of Secretdin so far.

This list plays a lot like the old Zoo list used to: a lot of 1 and 2 drops, to take control over the board early in the game, and an overwhelming Mid-game threat that out-tempos the board(Doomguard for old Zoo, mysterious-challenger for Secretdin), winning the game in consequence.

This deck is not only very good against early game decks, it is also very strong against most Control decks because of how many cards it is able to draw with divine-favor: Given how many low-drops this deck has when compared to other decks, it is capable of throwing all of its hand very quickly – even faster than decks like Face Hunter – making it so you’ll always be able to draw a couple of cards from Divine Favor.


Hearthstone deck building evolves really quick, but I still believe these lists aren’t the strongest possible versions and that there will still be a lot of updates to the lists, so stay tuned in Hearthstoneplayers because we’ll always be updating you guys with the best possible playable lists! 😀

And these were the lists that got updated the most from our last post. I hope you guys enjoyed this article, it was a lot of fun writing all of this for you guys!

I would like to express all my love and gratitude to last week’s donors, that pressed the “tip the author” button and helped me getting more TGT cards: Much Love for you guys! <3

Thanks everyone for making part of the HSP community :3

Love you all!