Patron Warrior Strikes Back, We Can Still Do One Turn Kills!

Patron took a small vacation, Warsong Commander decided to broke up. So Patron decided to find a new lover, Charge.

Patron Warrior Strikes Back!!


Hi guys, anothersy here. I am Hearthstone Player who has been playing Hearthstone even since Beta. After a few months of grinding the arena, I started to play ranked and playing competitively.

So we all know that warsong-commander got nerfed and her future in competitive decks is kinda doomed along with the super-combo of warsong-commander + Two frothing-berserkers and Two whirlwinds.

I’ve tried the Midrange Warrior or New Patron Warrior. It’s a weaker version of Control Warrior for me so I didn’t enjoy it. I’ve played the deck for a handful of games and I just don’t like the deck very much.

So I tried to create a Patron Warrior that still had burst damage from frothing-berserker. So I had to add charge and wild-pyromancer as an extra whirlwind effect activator instead of unstable-ghoul.

Deck Synopsis

Similar to the old Patron Warrior, our play style will be involving cycling as much as possible while collecting our key cards, get their cost reduced by emperor-thaurissan then finish our opponent with our frothing-berserker + charge + whirlwind combo.

We have grim-patron as our main nuisance, and most of the time we will just win by playing it because most decks do not have an easy way to deal with Grim Patron effectively.

New Combos

Most of the combos are combos evolving around wild-pyromancer with the deck.

  • frothing-berserker + wild-pyromancer + charge + inner-rage/any spell
  • wild-pyromancer + grim-patron + inner-rage

Matchups Brief Analysis

So how does this deck fare against the meta, I have a brief analysis for each deck.

Secret Paladin


Matchup Difficulty: Moderate to Easy

  • Can be a pretty easy matchup depending on our draws, most of the time we will simply win just because they can’t deal with our Grim Patrons, just always keep their board present limited before they can play mysterious-challenger and you’ll be fine.

 Patron Warrior


Matchup Difficulty: 50/50

  • Not much change on the mirror match. However, without warsong-commander: it limits the interactions you can do to the board, most of the time whoever puts down grim-patron with some whirlwind effects to generate a couple grim-patrons just easily wins, because the inability to deal with a swarm of grim-patrons on both sides. Unless you put in a cheeky brawl in your deck
  • A special note is that we still have the reverse Grim Patron play with our Charged frothing-berserkers. That can still do absurd damage when played with whirlwind effects on a Patron swarmed board.

Control Warrior


Matchup Difficulty: Hard

  • One of the worst matchups for Patron Warrior. They can easily armor up out of our One-Turn-Kill combo, so most of the time we’ll be gambling that they do not possess a brawl or several removal to deal with our grim-patrons when we slam them on the board. Moreover, without Warsong Commander we cannot use Grim Patrons to chip off some of their armor the turn that they are played, this gives the Control Warrior player a turn to react to it.

Aggro Druid


Matchup Difficulty: Moderate

  • Easy matchup, unless they have a crazy draws with inervating strong minions that we cannot answer. Most of their early minions are easy to deal with, all we have to do is just slam a grim-patron and generate a few. Be cautious with you total health to play around combo (force-of-nature + savage-roar)  and you would be fine.

Midrange Druid


Matchup Difficulty: Hard

  • Pretty tough matchup depending on how fast you can spawn grim-patrons. Druids have extremely tough minions to deal with and we cannot compete with them without our grim-patron.


Most of the time Charge is always a dead card making this deck a worse version of Patron Warrior. As its win rate before warsong-commander nerf was 50-60% depending on the skill of the player, this version makes that number reduce by a lot, as we do not possess any warsong-commander combo as a comeback method.

You can check out my Patron Warrior In-depth Guide for more information about the matchups here: Farewell Patron Warrior

Final Thoughts

Hope you enjoy my small experiment of making the one-turn-kill Combo in Patron Warrior to work. Feel free to leave a comment about your questions and thoughts below.