Warsong Funeral – Brews to Play this Week!

Hello everyone! 😀 This is a very happy week for the Hearthstone gaming community indeed. The Patron nightmare is finally over, and now we are finally able to play more consistent decks that were easily counterable by Patron Warrior. Since we haven’t had any update in lists yet, I once again am going to present […]


Hello everyone! 😀 This is a very happy week for the Hearthstone gaming community indeed. The Patron nightmare is finally over, and now we are finally able to play more consistent decks that were easily counterable by Patron Warrior. Since we haven’t had any update in lists yet, I once again am going to present you guys to personal builds of mine.

The lists I am going to be posting today are not only decent brews, they were tested and done taking in consideration a Post-Patron ladder, so a lot of cards that you see in these decks that you didn’t see before are related to this new metagame that we are facing.

For example, since Patron is gone we are now bound to see a lot more Hunters in the ladder, so we better be prepared for a Hunter metagame, another good example is that now we are bound to see less Handlocks, more Mech Mage, more Secret Paladin, less Midrange Druid, etc etc etc, all of this can be found on Modorra’s lastest article: Winners and Losers in Post Patron Metagame

There are, however, a couple of things that I disagree with his line of thought, like I still believe Control Warrior to be a very strong deck in today’s metagame given its ability to deal with Aggro, but overall I liked what I saw written there!

Anyway, to today’s decklists!

Midrange Paladin

I played a lot of Secret Paladin after Patron Warrior was nerfed and I just felt like the deck was poop. Regardless of that, I really wanted to play Paladin because I am very close to obtaining the Golden Hero Portrait. Thinking of that I started developing the perfectly fit Midrange Paladin list for a metagame like this, and although it was pretty hard finding the perfect list, after a whole day of subbing cards and playtesting, headaches and a lot of losses, I finally came out with a very strong Midrange Paladin list that seems to have a favorable matchup against all of the metagame decks that we are seeing.

This deck, at least for now, seems much better than the Midrange Secret Paladin, also more consistent and probably has the best late game of all the decks I have ever played.

Then you ask me: Best late game ever? How is that so? This deck is filled with Midrange and Early game drops! – Well, the answer is pretty simple: justicar-trueheart. The card is so good that it will basically win every single fatigue game you go into, it is so good that you can even keep it on your starting hand if you are playing against a Warrior, so good that you can afford to use cards like antique-healbot to deal with early game pressure because you’ll always win in value.

I am going to write a guide about this list later explaining all the card choices, since it is indeed a very odd list at first sight, but for now you’ll have to trust me this is the one list you’ll want to play! :3

Dragon Priest

Hate aggro that much that you can’t stand this Aggro resurgence on the ladder? Want to play a deck capable of winning every single Aggro matchup in the game? Well, Dragon Priest is the deck for you!

This list focus a lot more on having high health minions than before, this happens because games are bound to be much different than they were when Patron Warrior was a deck, and now that it is gone we are finally able to run justicar-trueheart. Trueheart’s interaction with Priest’s hero power is the second best in the game (after Paladin) and I believe that having a good list to take advantage of this card’s overpowered effect is a nice way of winning games.

Deathlord is a very very strong card against Aggro, its only weaknesses are hunters-mark and equality, but both cards are seeing fringe play, so we don’t have to worry a lot about it. And even if we are playing against decks that use these cards, chances are we’ll be able to deal with whatever Deathlord gives out opponent.

Given how Deathlords are able to deal with aggro, I swapped the lone copy of cabal-shadow-priest for sylvanas-windrunner to have a better Midrange matchup (that gets hurt with the addition of Deathlord), so I think things balance out in the end.

This is an awesome deck, and in case you want to crush all dem aggros, this is the deck for you!

Demon Aggro Zoo

This is another thing I have been playtesting a lot. This deck is…. different, a lot of you will look down on this particular list, but it is something that has been working a lot and doing particularly well against most decks in the metagame. This list has potential of doing tons of damage in a single turn, and better than that: it is unexpected.

There isn’t much else to say about this list, the interactions are there and just by reading the cards you can realise each and every one card explanation.

Actually, there is one thing about this list for me to tell you: DON’T CHANGE THE CARDS!!! I know you feel inclined to get rid of succubus, I know you feel inclined to get rid of tiny-knight-of-evil, well DON’T!! Those are the key components of the deck, and they were the reason why it performed so great.

Midrange Hunter

Midrange Hunter is finally able to focus itself on Midrange and Aggro matchups, making the list overall better in this metagame. Last meta’s decklists were quite focused on fighting Patron, so it was so inconsistent against Aggro and Midrange decks that it ended up falling completely from the metagame.

This time, Midrange Hunter is back, and it has a decent matchup against anything that isn’t Face Hunter.

We all know a lot about Midrange Hunter already, so there isn’t much else to say about the list other than that the whole list is very well rounded, and is supposed to consistently do decent plays through the game.

It is finally time to dust off that Golden hunter of yours!

I missed you, my dear :3


I loved writing today’s articles, the decks could focus a lot more on being consistent than on defeating Patron Warrior, and that felt really good.

A lot of people were saying Secret Paladin was going to dominate the meta after the Patron nerf, but quite the opposite happened: People were able to prepare themselves for Secret Paladin just by making consistent decks, and the deck itself dropped slightly in Winrate.

Of all the lists I posted today, the Paladin is possibly the strongest, while the Warlock is the most fun one – Hell, I laughed my ass off playing it! 😀

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this article :3

See you all next week, where we’ll hopefully start to see stronger decklists and actual metagame updates.

Love you all, see ya next time!