Paladin is dominating the early Witchwood meta

Most of the top decks are from the Paladin class.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The early days of a new Hearthstone meta are fluid and ever-changing.

One moment a deck can be on top, with everyone crying for it to be nerfed—that was Shudderwock Shaman this time. The very next day the deck had fallen out of relevance.

By this point a couple of weeks in, things have settled down a bit. The decks that are on top now will likely be popular and strong for a significant period of time, until they are either countered or nerfed.

Things are a bit different this time. It’s not a deck that is on top of the early Witchwood meta—it’s a whole class.

Paladin is enjoying unprecedented success according to all three of the most popular meta reports: HSReplay, Tempo Storm, and Vicious Syndicate.

According to HSReplay, the top three decks on winrate are all Paladin decks. Even Paladin, Murloc Paladin, and Odd Paladin are on top with winrates of 58 and 57 percent. That’s relatively high by Hearthstone standards, and tells you those decks are by far the best to ladder with.

Tempo Storm’s Meta Snapshot is a little more conservative. Even Paladin is pegged as the best deck of the meta right now, with Murloc and Odd Paladin coming in at fourth and fifth—but all three decks are considered top tier. The Vicious Syndicate live meta tracker has Even Paladin as the most successful deck at every ranked floor except legend, with Odd Paladin also in the five. Vicious Syndicate don’t appear to be tracking Murloc Paladin at the moment.

All three sources also agree on what two other decks make up the top five in general at the moment. Spiteful Druid is a new deck to the Witchwood meta, taking over from where Spiteful Priest was before the expansion. As most predicted, Cube Warlock has also remained strong due to not losing any cards in the rotation.

The only aberration is Vicious Syndicate’s belief in the strength of Tempo Mage. It’s the most successful deck at Legend rank right now on their tracker, despite it being tier three on Tempo Storm and only tenth in winrate on HSReplay overall.