Paladin Sidequest card Righteous Cause revealed in Hearthstone’s Descent of Dragons stream

Get ready to buff some minions.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

With Hearthstone’s Descent of Dragons around the corner, Blizzard wrapped up the reveal season with a stream showing off 32 new cards today. Among the horde of new additions comes a Paladin card that makes use of the Sidequest ability introduced in this expansion.

Righteous Cause is a one-cost card with a Sidequest ability that requires you to summon five minions. Players who do that are rewarded with a one Attack and one Health buff for their minions.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Sidequest cards are debuting in Descent of Dragons and grant a reward when specific conditions are met, similar to Secrets and Quests. When a Sidequest card is played, it’ll be displayed above the controlling hero’s portrait until it’s activated. And unlike Quests, Sidequests come in rarities other than Legendary and can have multiple abilities active at the same time.

Righteous Cause’s cheap cost means that grabbing it early in the match is key. Running an aggro deck with low-cost minions is necessary to activate the card’s ability, turning your mediocre army into a group of full-fledged knights.

Descent of Dragons launches on Dec. 10, where players can choose between two separate bundles. A Standard Package will cost you $50 and come with 60 packs. Players who want to splurge for an upgrade can snag the Mega Bundle for $80, which comes with 100 packs and a new Hero.