One Night in Karazhan – Another Wave of Cards!

So I went on an adventure making some changes on my cellphone, and that took a whole day as I was constantly bricking and unbricking my device over and over. End of story? My Zenfone 2 is stuck with Stock Marshmallow (ew!) because I couldn’t get the custom ROM I wanted installed. Anyway, when I […]


So I went on an adventure making some changes on my cellphone, and that took a whole day as I was constantly bricking and unbricking my device over and over.

End of story? My Zenfone 2 is stuck with Stock Marshmallow (ew!) because I couldn’t get the custom ROM I wanted installed.

Anyway, when I came back to the PC six (!!!) new cards were spoiled, and I here I am panicking because I have so many cards to analyze in so little time.

I decided, however, that i’ll take my time and release the reviews as I was making before: four cards at a time.

So let’s first discuss the first four cards that were spoiled to us, and tomorrow, since we’ll probably have 2 more cards, we’ll talk about the two released tonight plus the new ones.

Anyway, no more chit chat, let’s begin!

Today’s (sort of) Revealed Cards!


Despite the name, there is no Zoo in Zoobot. The card indeed inspires a lot of deck building but I am quite positive that we won’t be using this on any possible kind of Zoo strategy, even more because we’ll be too busy experimenting with malchezaars-imp to even think about nonsense such as this one.

This isn’t a bad card, I could think of many different strategies that could end up using this card, but the biggest issue here is thinking about a strategy that would run, in a big number, a two-of pack of the three options it has to buff: Beasts, Murlocs and Dragons. Playing this card to buff only one minion isn’t ideal, and we are much better off running other buff/sinergy cards instead of this, however whenever we are able to consistently buff two minions with this, then we have another story.

Another interesting thing about this card is that despite looking very similar to the-curator, they are likely to never be played in the same deck! And why is that, you wonder? The answer is Simple: While Curator seems like a Midrange/Control type of card, Zoobot totally looks like an Aggro-only one. So I wouldn’t spend my brain cells trying to create a Midrange deck revolving around a 3 mana card that would likely never be value-wise played on turn 3 because i’d just be wasting my time.

Medivh, the Guardian

It surprises me that the actual owner of the party is the least interesting Legendary card in the set.

Medivh kind of flukes in every single possible test that we could be doing to see if a card is viable or not, which leads me to believe it won’t see any kind of play whatsoever.

Spending 8 mana to do absolutely nothing on a turn you could, let’s say, be winning more or losing less isn’t something I would recommend you to be doing.

Sure, this gives non-weapon classes a weapon to play, but I wouldn’t really count Atiesh as a weapon since we never want to be attacking with it.

Just because this was requested in my last article, I’ll list the reasons why I completely dislike this card:

  • High mana cost.
  • No immediate effect(The big mana cost makes it so you can’t take immediate effect from this card)
  • Is completely inferior to an already existing bad card: summoning-stone.
  • No “Ysera” effect (Doesn’t snowball into winning the game on its own, see: Most inspire cards).
  • Can be countered (Weapon removal makes playing this card an even bigger waste).

All in all this is a very disappointing card, good thing my EU account needs some dust.

Silverware Golem

So here we have yet another conflictual 3-drop card for Warlock Zoo (the other one being moroes).

First things first, let’s say that this card will, at some point in time, see play – There is no doubt about it. Even if it doesn’t see play right now, because imp-gang-boss is such a better option, this card is highly likely to see play once the 3-drop king leaves its seat empty and lets another 3-drop join forces with darkshire-councilman.

But this doesn’t mean this card won’t see play now. This is a powerful card, and it also makes (together with Malchezaar’s Imp) old unplayable cards playable.

Truth be told, discard Zoo is looking to be such a synergic deck at this point that I am starting to believe Blizzard is, once again, underestimating the players ability to build completely broken decks with this.

With all of this said, I look forward to playtesting this card, as the deck seems to be both very powerful as well as ultra obvious.

Netherspite Historian

Probably the card I am most excited about in this expansion. Not that it is broken or anything, but because it fits just way too well in a possible Dragon Priest archetype that Blizzard is so much trying to push this expansion.

After some deep analysis of both Dragon-sinergy cards spoiled so far, I came to the conclusion that they tried their best to make it so Dragon Warrior (and other more aggressive Dragon-themed decks) wouldn’t get the same benefits from such Dragon cards as more Control-oriented strategies such as the long dead Dragon Priest.

With these cards, Dragon Priest is starting to look like a much better deck than what it is right now in the WOG metagame, mostly because it gets the exact cards it was needing in order to make a push to the playable-tier (drops 2 and 6 curves were lacking or needing an extra card).

This, combined to the fact this card looks completely amazing, makes me ultra happy about it.

So, I talked so much yet I haven’t talked anything about this card yet: It is a much better version of museum-curator for Dragon Priests, mostly because there are Dragons for literally every single kind of situation that we could be playing at, and being able to discover one out of three likely means we’ll actually have the one Dragon we’re looking for – Sure, we won’t always be getting deathwing to wipe the almost-lost-game’s board, but we could get chillmaw instead too, right?

Anyway, Discovering a Dragon is huge, immense, and the 1/3 body isn’t something that can be pinged out – The opponent actually has to deal with it in some way.

There are just way too many things that makes me enjoy this card, and it is not even a Priest card! (could possibly play this on Control Dragon Paladin too!).


And this pretty much covers the four cards review I wanted to make. I’ll start working on the next card’s review right now so whenever the next two cards are spoiled we can publish the article quicker!

Sorry for the delay, hope the wait was worth it for you guys!

Love you all, see you around in our next article!