Nuba’s Corner – The Spire’s Homebrews! 4 Decks Ready To Go!

So, in our last The Spire article we talked about obvious decks that we’re bound to be seeing in the first days of the final Karazhan wing release. That article discussed those decks and their probable best builds. Today, however, we are looking in a very different angle of The Spire possible decks – Today […]


So, in our last The Spire article we talked about obvious decks that we’re bound to be seeing in the first days of the final Karazhan wing release. That article discussed those decks and their probable best builds. Today, however, we are looking in a very different angle of The Spire possible decks – Today we are Brewing!

So, are you prepared to seeing decks you are likely not going to be seeing anywhere else? Awesome decks tailored to catch the metagame by surprise?

Get ready for some amazing Homebrews, and let’s get get right into the action!

Reno Mage

Starting this article there is the build I worked so hard on getting together: Reno Mage.

So I took quite a lot of time trying to figure out perfect builds to run a card such as medivhs-valet on, because I think the card is so powerful that it can originate completely new decks.

So, the obvious thing is that the card is amazing with ice-block, not only because it is currently one of the only two playable Mage Secrets (because we don’t have mad-scientist anymore), it also stays on board a lot more often than any other Mage Secret.

So, Ice Block it is – We then need to figure out a Deck that runs Ice Block and would want a powerful minion such as Medivh’s Valet on it. We stumble upon Reno Freeze Mage, that has a lot of survivability, runs Ice Block, heals itself and likes playing these cards. However, I don’t think Freeze Mage would be the ideal way of testing Medivh’s Valet, so I decided to swap the Bursting tools of Reno Freeze Mage for strong, consistent, Legendaries so I wouldn’t be playing a deck with no outs.

Don’t take me wrong, Reno Freeze Mage is a pretty good tournament pick, but for Ladder things are quite different – You can’t ban stuff on Ladder. Meanwhile Reno Mage (the non-freeze versions) seems to be quite the good deck against both Tempo based Zoo decks as well as Control Warrior decks, which leads me to believe this deck should do great.

So I kind of built this deck picturing what a Reno Freeze Mage would look in my mind, but with Legends and Minions instead of bursts, so the deck would be good against everything that we could be facing on the Ladder.

Theoretically, this deck is supposed to defend itself quite formidably, clear the board more than once, and has responses for literally anything while being a deck that has the draw power of a Control Warlock deck. This allows us to run quite a few 2-ofs despite playing a reno-jackson in our decks while still being consistent and being able to consistently take value out of Reno Jackson.

All in all this seems like a very fun and consistent list, and is likely to be the first one i’ll playtest.

Dragon Paladin

So there was this list that I have been playing on the Legendary ladder with quite a lot of success this week: Dragon Paladin.

The thing that drew my attention toward this deck is how good it was in the playtesting, and how much more powerful it seems to become once the last wings lands.

To explain to you how much I like this deck, I am currently running it with loot-hoarders and drakonid-crusher instead of the two cards from the last wing, and it’s still packing a punch. Now imagine how much more powerful the deck will be once we get netherspite-historian and book-wyrm into the deck!

So, explaining the deck, I did playtest nightbane-templar quite a lot this week, and the card just seems to be absurdly good and a lot better than most people are giving it credit for – I was even joking with some friends during the fireside by calling it “Dr. 3” while playing it.

I think that what makes this deck so good is it’s proactiveness, and how two minions on the board can cause so much problem. The deck also has tools to heal yourself up that won’t damage your curve or anything, while being able to constantly apply pressure.

I believe this deck to be one of the hidden Karazhan gems people haven’t figured out yet, and is one of the decks you could be playing this week!

Dragon Renolock

Another deck I believe should heavily benefit from the addition of netherspite-historian and book-wyrm is Renolock. The Dragon version of the deck gets updated while all the other versions seems to be left into oblivion, so maybe it’s time to check on Renolock once again.

The low Dragon count on Renolock has always been a problem, especially on the early games when we are trying to play twilight-guardian, but netherspite-historian not only is an amazing card, it also allows us to keep Twilight Guardian in our hands a lot more often – Even without The Coin. Meanwhile, Book Wyrm seems like a cool addition to the Deck by itself.

I ended up cutting leeroy-jenkins combo in favor of more consistent cards, which makes the deck less bursty but more consistent – I still don’t know if this decision is the correct one.

Renolock should be a consistent enough deck to Reach Legend with, especially because people usually freak out when playing against it for multiple reasons.

Dragon Druid

And as the last deck we Brewed there is Dragon Druid.

netherspite-historian plays a major role here in making the deck stronger in the Late game – there just are enough late-game Dragons that we’re likely to always have at least one option in the Discover, meaning we can run “fewer” bombs but still do well enough in the late game.

Another card that was decisive towards the creation of this deck is moonglade-portal, as we are indeed able to heal ourselves up while still generating board presence, meaning we should have enough tools to spot aggro from killing us.

Ancient of War is a side effect of Moonglade Portal – The card becomes much better when you can heal up a minion, and as said before Ancient of War just perfectly fit that role.

As a heads up this deck is sure to work, and to be good enough. What we still don’t know is if the deck will be the best possible Druid option or just another one, which is something we’ll only be able to tell with time.

So if you are looking for a super consistent Brew to play, this is the deck I would recommend you playing!


And with this the Karazhan release Brews are over! From this point onwards all the Brews posted here should be playtested in anticipation! It is always nice Brewing with you guys, and I have to admit I just can’t wait to playtest all of these brews posted here today!

I hope you guys enjoyed the lists, and I wish you good luck in the playtestings! Don’t forget to post the results in the comments section below, and we’ll be seeing each other again very soon in future articles, hopefully to say how cool the Brews turned out to be!

Love you guys, see you around!