Nuba’s Corner – The Last New Decks!

It surprised me a lot knowing new decks were still being created, but since I needed to know if they were actually real I had to playtest them first to be able to tell you guys their potential. In other news, we have been told that a new expansion is bound to be announced very […]


It surprised me a lot knowing new decks were still being created, but since I needed to know if they were actually real I had to playtest them first to be able to tell you guys their potential.

In other news, we have been told that a new expansion is bound to be announced very soon, Blizzard already stated they will announce that expansion in the 28th of this month, so we are living the final moments of the WOG-Standard right here right now!

But this doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing new decks, at least not literally, and we are fortunate to still have stuff being shown up to us as new decks have just been developed by some amazing players.

Different from the other decks I have posted, I don’t have the exact name of the people who created these decks, so i’ll just post them and discuss them, hope you guys enjoy!

Token Druid

Token Druid! Some might come and say that the whole Token Druid deck isn’t something new, that it has existed for millennia, but truth be told that deck stopped existing a long time ago, and despite people playing “Token” oriented versions, none of these versions were actually good, “playable” maybe but never good enough to be a competitive deck.

The latest version of Token Druid is the real one, as I said on the intro I don’t know who made it, but it is a relatively good build with tons of different plays and a lot of fun if you are willing to give it a try.

This new Token Druid has extra nourish and a pair of raven-idol to expand your draws. It also runs no druid-of-the-claw. We can say this build works slightly similar to Miracle Rogue, in the meaning that we want to draw a lot of cards and then make them work better in combination with each other, however this build can be played in other different ways, meaning you’ll be able to adapt your play style depending on the kind of opponent you’re facing and how it is playing.

yogg-saron-hopes-end is a card I dislike, and people use it as some sort of “oh shit” button that can/should be pressed in case you’re in some dire situation, however in case you don’t want to run this ultra-inconsistent suicidal card, you could run savage-roar instead to have an even better matchup against the ones your deck is already good against.

As a last explanation, this deck runs feral-rage to complete the 3-drop utility card slot together with mulch. Feral Rage has been helping a lot in Aggro matchups as the 8 health or the 4-health-removal are both very needed in today’s metagame.

And I think this pretty much covers everything about this deck, if you haven’t noticed already, i’ll just say it again: this is an ultra fun deck, and I urge you to play it!

Combo Warrior

Another deck that people would say that always existed, but since WOG came out this deck has never been a force to be reckoned with. However, Neviilz (I found the deck’s creator!) innovated and created a build that he used to reach #1 Legend with!

Basically, the strongest suit of this deck is surely to be its secrecy, but now that everyone knows about it, it shouldn’t be as strong as it was, however it still should be a very powerful deck as most of the times the combo itself will be unstoppable, as Warriors have just so many tools to deal with board issues while being able to constantly draw cards.

The way you play this one deck is by constantly dealing with the board, clearing out everything the opponent throws at you while drawing a LOT of cards. This means you get to draw even more stuff to deal with the board while you get your combo pieces together. Keep it in mind that you don’t need to save stuff like cruel-taskmaster or inner-rage as only one of these will suffice, given you also run faceless-manipulator in your deck so your combo’s damage will be doubled whenever you’re good to activate it. Another thing that you should take notice is that emperor-thaurissan should only be played when you have at least 2 of the four combo pieces you need in hand (a 2-of combination of Worgen, Faceless and Charge).

There are a lot of different combos you can do to buy yourself time, most of them will include wild-pyromancer and a combination of commanding-shout and battle-rage to both deal AOE damage against those aggro decks as well as drawing cards.

Despite being a known combo deck, this is another very fun deck to play!

Aggro N’Zoth Paladin

WOAH!!! This is something not even the most crazier myself would expect. Wait… maybe the crazy myself would be expecting this just a little I guess! Kolento (Got the name of this one too!) Actually managed to reach Legend this season running an… Aggro N’Zoth Paladin Build!!

Of all the decks posted today, this has to be the craziest one. Sure, it needs to curve to be good, just like let’s say Midrange Hunter, but even after being known people still are not expecting something such as this and will never be mulliganing to fight this, and even if they do, they won’t be expecting this combination of cards at all!

The good thing about this deck is that it can literally win against anything because of how it is built, and it should be fairly easy to play when compared to the decks we posted prior to this one as well.

I don’t think there is much else to say about this deck other than “Try to curve, play strong cards, win while laughing maniacally”.


And this is it for what are possibly the last innovative decks of the Whispers of the Old Gods Standard!

I hope you guys had tons of fun with this expansion’s articles, it was quite a fun one to be honest and I have to say I am having high hopes about the next expansion. Let’s hope Blizzard finally realized they need to give Priest good cards in order to make it a good class like they did to Shamans, and we’ll be seeing each other again very soon for more articles!

Don’t forget to post some feedback in the comments 😀 your opinion is very important to me!

Love you guys, we’ll be seeing each other again very soon!